Debating the science of legal medical marijuana

Attitudes towards the healing potential of pot are changing. First on “CBS This Morning,” a new survey from Prevention magazine found that 75 percent of …


  1. I have really bad anxiety and battle with depression everyday, I live in Texas where it’s not legal and I have tried it and let me tell you that would take all those issues away and I much rather smoke a blunt here and there than be hooked on some ploceba or however tf you spell it. One Fact that Ends all discussion when it comes to this is How many people have died due to marijuana use…. 0!!! Legalize it!

  2. Gayle smokes weed. (laughing)
    That's why she said what she said at the end. Her way of defending not just her smoking weed, but, defending weed smoking in general. 💯✔🔥

  3. Medical isn't enough. Recreational is where it's at. Why would we want to put cannabis in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry when we could grow it next to out tomatoes for pennies?

  4. Think of Drug scheduling like the old food pyramid. It's about subsidizing big pharma like the food pyramid was about subsidizing farmers not health or wellness or science.

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