CP OD's on CBD with THC – YMH Highlight

Tom Segura and Christina P recap their disastrous family Christmas party. Christina also discusses her CBD mishap. Tom then recounts his recent taping of Bert …


  1. First time I smoked my body blocked THC and just got a little Body buzz so I thought that's what weed did. Second time I smoked I got the full effect smoking kush no less and got so high I freaked out and thought I smoked something laced. I told a girl to call 911 as my friends are dying laughing at me.

  2. This just happened to me. I'm in Dallas where you can't legally buy THC so I thought I was buying CBD and popped 3 gummy bears and went about my day. I was BEYOND f*cked up. I thought I was having a stroke and started to have a panic attack. Yeah, it was THC and I was out of it for 2 days. And I smoke every day but, I wasn't planning on getting f*cked up that day. It was so scary!

  3. Who spills a glass of red wine on a couch, thats like a scene out of a movie, its like bro, if you know you can't f'n handle a glass a wine then go stand in the kitchen and drink it your dork.

  4. Idk shouldn't really say OD talking about fuckin hipster weed pills. This lady is on much heavier stuff in her day to day life it seems like, like xanax. That's probably what fucked her up. And she was drunk. "I dont like to get high" lmao she doesn't like introspective highs, is what she means.

  5. "how can I be this high from 4 hours ago" there are a lot of factors that go into it, but it is nothing like smoking, smoking hits you instantly, but can last anywhere from 30 minutes in some, to hours in others, but with eating, it is a whole different ball game, first there is the old Joe Rogan bit about the different strength based on your liver processing it, which is true, but also the fact that digestion is a much much much slower process than smoking, it takes 30 minutes just to begin breaking something up and putting it in your system, and based on the item it could take hours and hours to fully digest, so you could be high from a edible potentially for days.

  6. i once did LSD alone in my house and man, there was a point where my mind went blank. I forgot my name, age, gender, I just felt peace. It came and went like a spasm/electric shock and THEN I thought "oh shit… I'm dying"
    I proceeded to write a letter to each of my parents and sisters explaining my death and telling them how much I loved them and in a way it was a great lesson because I realized how much love I haven't given them while I could. Drugs are cool bruh :3

  7. I was that high once, at the house of a friend's friend … I was really panicking and that guy was turning to my buddy like "what kind of assholes are you dragging in here, he's gonna die on my couch, get him outta here" 😀 And I was listening to the pounding of european techno and the gun sounds from his girlfriend playing command and conquer… and I thought… this is how it ends, fuck that.

  8. I literally had the same experience with an edible. I took it and after a few hrs it didn’t kick in and I fell asleep. I woke up and still felt like I was in a dream, it was super trippy bc I didn’t remember taking it.

  9. Being a good wingman really only translates to weed and acid. Can’t really talk someone off a crack overdose.

    Friend 1: I think I did too much crack. My heart is pounding out of my chest. I think I’m gonna die.

    Friend 2: Probably. You did do a lot of crack tonight.

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