COVID has had a massive impact on Melbourne's CBD. Will it ever return to normal? | ABC News

Melbourne’s CBD is a very different place after the long COVID lockdown – and it may never be the same again. What to do with empty offices that may never be …


  1. this is the evidence that Australia is never too full. The more people live in this country, the more infrastructure, businesses, and culture will transform the nation into bustling light. stop listening to those bogans that think they own the land and blame everyone except themselves that they can't find a high paying job that requires them to sleep all days.

  2. Jeeez i hope this is the death of the travesty of an experiment that is Docklands. Better off bulldozing 100% of docklands and making it a gigantic park.

  3. Revive for what? Ahh Rich people's pockets… This is a HUGE MISTAKE. One single outbreak and It will go like wildfire assuming vaccines do not protect 100%. Also, office workers can work from home hence employers can save tones of money. Who needs office stuff,we are in Internet age and dont need to be in a concrete jungle to work at all.

  4. Companies should really recommend work from home since it's the best way to get a work life balance. Then use the space to provide a better experience at work.

  5. For long Aus has been treating the international students like a cash cow and labour gap filler. Lot of famous Aus uni in major capital cities have been taking advantages the money they bring in over the past 10 years, some uni have even expanded their campus size by double, for example Uni of Technology in Sydney. They have capitalised the international students as if there is no tomorrow. It is the time now for these universities to return something back to these poor uni students.

  6. There does not seem to be much in the way of COVID precautions being observed here and yet we are still a way off from even the majority of the population getting vaccinated.

  7. "International students pay big money to get a degree here"
    How about Domestic Art Students, whose fee is double that of an international Sci Students?
    Education should be free, as it was decades ago. Honestly it is quite disheartening to see my beloved country regress to the past.

  8. This is all Dan Andrews fault. He ruined or CBD.

    3 cafes around my office are shut for good and barred up.

    WFH is the new normal. Watch out CBDs turn into wastelands like the USA.

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