Conmen in the Nairobi CBD

Cons pose as telecom agents, hoodwink people of their money; NPS, NCCG, ACA officers allegedly aiding conning gangs. Subscribe to NTV Kenya channel for …


  1. Where can you get 31k for 21 days (600k returns) after investing 90k worth of school fees???? Kenyans let's use common sense vitu vya ubwete bwerere tuachane nazo!! Nothing is for free hapa duniani, the same way our politicians play dirty with our brains!! Fungua macho nanii!!!

  2. So sad that over one year later, these exact fraudsters are still in the same spots as mentioned. We live in a rotten society where police must wait for people to be conned and complain in order to take action.

  3. Sad but the police are always protecting these criminals. There are conmen who have a box and round cards they pretend to have dropped the card and ask unsuspecting people passing on the street to help pick it up. It happened to me. i picked it up and they surrounded me and snatched money i had in my hands and were inappropriately touching me and pulling. one woman even touched my breasts. I managed to get out of that group and spotted a traffic police nearby and explained what had happened. He answered rudely that his work is to manage traffic. police are criminals too cause they get paid by the criminals to protect them instead of helping people. I hate Kenya, I HATE THE POLICE

  4. i can't stand the narrators (Seth Olale) accent. it's like I can hear the spit in his mouth when he pronounces the "r". not making fun of his speech impediment but apana.

  5. Why are Kenyans so easily conned. How do you serious business with anybody in the streets? In the streets? STOP DOING ANY BUYING OF ELECTRINICS in the streets please. How do you agree to part with 40k in the streets for any transaction???? IF ANYTHING SOUNDS TOO GOOD, IT REALLY IS A CON, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. IT WILL BE A CON. Wacha deals za barabarani!!!!

  6. This guys have always been in the cities and even near the police personnel. Nothing happens. They just keep moving. And how come Safaricom never acts on the many cases of conning? Are they not bothered about their image or are they together?

  7. I was conned and reported the case to Central…go straight to room no 17and report to the guy speaking he's the D/OCPD…he helped me recover my money…I was glad and bought him some lunch and he declined…don't write any statement at the counter…just tell them you want to see the ocs then look for no 17 and you will get your money back…if at all you report immediately and the calprits are still at the scene…they ushually use a white Noah or black

  8. I fell victim just last week at archives. Lost my savings of 18,000/=
    The pose as safaricom that's why they manage to convince a victim.
    Sad how ppl take advantage of people.

  9. The word is Cartels in Nairobi, Powerful cartels. It normally starts like this, when untamed, they grow bolder and become almost same level with security agents. Same as the powerful cartels in Mexico who have military type weapons. Should we wait to degenerate to that level? Cops and city county , come up to task and make Nairobi safer.

  10. You aired this days ago… I can inform you that they are back in town this week and even this morning were in the very same location that this exposee was shot at. NOTHING is being done about them. But be caught outside curfew hours or without a mask you are arrested or even killed. Can the police treat them the same way they treat other Kenyans??

  11. Ati we should go to report? Its shocking in Kenya that law enforcement is another terrible level. They wait for you to be robbed for them to think about taking action

  12. wow, people are really daring, yaani unapea strangers 90k kwa streets za nairobi ata si kwa duka ama mpesa..kwa street…uyo ako na roho si ati nini…na anasema tu hadharani…

  13. same occurs in Mombasa coast province mostly at around Makadara grounds and they use same vehicles voxy or noah but police is never making efforts to hold them while poor citizens keep getting conned.

  14. They are still doing their business even today in broad day light there at ronald ngara outside tuskys harassing passerbys by persuading and pulling saying they are agents of safaricom ..just pray to God you don't fall victim.

  15. Utawaona hapo baada ya Siku mbili koti itasema hakuna ushaidi Wa kutosha and then back to businesses as usual but we enda Fanya biashara ya halali utatolewa bio na kajo

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