Chaos In The CBD Live from Lost Village

Chaos In The CBD recorded under the vines of Watchers Holt courtyard at Lost Village 2019.


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  2. (00)Culoe De Song-Y.O.U.D
    (08)Psy Def X-Trance Bit (12)Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. – Timbuktu(Pan African Electro Dub)
    (17)Patrick Conway-Cobby&His Animals (Luca Lozano Remix)
    (21)DJ Minx-A Walk In The Park (Minx´s On The Slide Remix)
    (25)DJ QU-Eden
    (28)Lazare Hoche-Time Guard
    (30)Trusme-No Harm (Delano Smith remix)
    (36)Urban Soul-My Urban Soul (Club 69 Urban Vibe )
    (39)Anna Caragnano&Donato Dozzy-Parola
    (45)Two Right Wrongans-Sorry Mate,You´ve Got The Wrong House
    (48)Vinyl Blair-Scratch N´Sniff
    (52)? (55)? (60)? (63)? (66)?
    (72)Random XS-Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix)
    (79)Don Williams-Beyond The Means
    (86)Zander Hardy-Attack
    (90)Juzu aka Moochy-Lugar Prescioso (Drums De Fuego Version)
    (94)DJ Roland Clark-Simple Things (Sacred Rhythm Remix)
    (101)Floorplan-So Glad
    (107)Rachnad Project Vol. 2 -Equipment Chasing
    (111)Fever-Standing In The Shadows Of Love
    (115)Lovebeads-This It The Only Way (Mount Rushmore´s Superfly Mix)
    (120)AceMo feat. John FM-Where They At??

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