Central Business District (CBD) of Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, Downtown core of Singapore, Metro Manila’s CBD like Makati, Ortigas and Bonifacio Global City, Malaysia’s’ Kuala Lumpur City Center, and …


  1. Wait for New Clark city to rise, vast development is taking place at present starting with large roads, mode of transport, railways, airport, expressways, communication etc…

  2. The C5 Corridor CBD will Combine the Smaller CBDs near C5, The Parts of C5 Corridor are Eastwood, Circulo Verde, Parklinks, Bridgetowne, Arcovia City, Rockwell The Grove and New Developments Near C5 to Come, Also in BGC, There are Slums that are Need to be Demolished in Case the BGC will Expand, Because BGC is Adjacent to Slums, Squatters and Informal Settlers, It May be Called: CBD Meets Slums.

  3. You can't consider CBD in NCR as "true" CBD because none of them have an "integrated" transport system.

    Singapore CBD has an integrated subway, buss and airpot link.
    Jakarta CBD has an integrated subway, BRT, commuter line, airport link and LRT.
    Bangkok CBD has an integrated subway, buss, skytrain, airport link and APM (capsule train)
    Kuala Lumpur CBD has an integrated mrt, lrt, buss and commuter.

    What about NCR "numerous" CBD 🤔🤔🤔.
    There's no BRT (just one in EDSA).
    There's no commuter (PNR trains aren't well connected to the CBD).
    There's MRT and LRT which is good but need serious upgrade.
    What about subway?
    Still under construction and years away from completion.
    Airport link??? Taxi for now im afraid.

    By then cities in the region already light years away.

    Not to mention HSR connection in Jakarta and Bangkok.

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  6. Singapore, Jakarta, Manila are always be the best. Soon Jakarta and Manila will be more organize than before 🇮🇩🇵🇭🇸🇬

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