1. CBD is legal in all 50 states and the CBD people sell is extracted from the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant. The marijuana plant has actually a very low dosage of CBD. The hemp plant has around 90+ percent of cbd

  2. I suffer from seizures caused by stress and anxiety and my husband researched CBD oil and purchased it for me for 60 bucks, he stated that it would be a more natural way to control my seizures and won't have side effects like my current seizure meds can. He just brought it yesterday and I haven't tried it yet I guess I'm still a little sceptical but from the research that I have also done, there weren't any known side affects so i may give it a try. I'm just scared because I've never smoked weed in my entire life so the connotation of it being an extraction from sativa has me nervous. I no I won't get high but I'm still nervous.

  3. I actually sell CBD oil! If anyone has any questions or wants any please let me know! We can ship most places in the US legally!! (The legality of it is decided by the amount of THC in it) my Twitter and instagram is jordanelders13 if you want any info!!!

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