1. I've been taking cbd oil for about a week. It does help with my anxiety, but I'm also afraid it might be spiritual bypassing/ spiritual bulldozing. I don't want to bypass anything and fall backwards. The more I open up the harder time I'm having taking everything in. Feels like my nervous system is on overload. What are your thoughts ?

  2. So helpful, I always had a thought that cbd would supposedly help with spritiuality especially if t calms anxiety, we are able to be in the present moment which brings us to mindfulness and leads us to being able to tap into our higher self 🙂

  3. You are beautiful but you need to lay off the Botox , your eyebrows are too high and it is not a good look, takes away from your feminine features
    You look so much better on your oldest videos… the shoulder length hair looked really nice on you . I
    Have an oblong face as well, we look better with shorter hair . Just my two cents.

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