CBD Oil Review: CBD Hemp Oil Benefits For Anxiety, Pain, Seizures & Side Effects

CBD Oil Review: CBD Hemp Oil Benefits For Anxiety, Pain, Seizures & Side Effects Click Here To Get Best CBD Oil ➜ This …


  1. Bless you iHealth Reviews for making this video. I have a niece who has seizures and CBD has been extremely beneficial for her. Its tough to get here in California since they keep closing shops here where Im at. Theres a stigma here and many wont touch the topic. Im thankful for you covering this.

  2. I have had cronic chest pains for years and CBD oils has helped so much with making the pain go away. I have tried CW but I love CBDoil+ I have also tried some from middle Tennessee that are also good as well. 😊

  3. When I took CBD oil I discovered that I didnt need chocolate. It was nice, I enjoyed it but I didnt have cravings for it. Also, I discovered that I could run further without my joints hurting, I slept better and I was much less stressed. Your muscles relax almost like your in a hot tub and anxiety gets turned way down but it does this in a way that is so subtle that you might not even notice.

  4. I just got my first gram today! So far its given me my appetite back and allowed me to sleep! It also puts me in an excellent mood and relaxes my body. This is awesome for me because I had to quit smoking recently.

  5. Im 22-years old and a chronic pain patient. I just got a vape pen to use with CBD oil, and its working amazingly. Not only does it have NO odor at all, no taste, but it helps so much for relieving my severe pain. It also relaxes me very well. Although it doesnt make you "high", it makes you feel sedated and calm. Ive also been sleeping better! Get it! You wont be disappointed. Its the greatest thing next to THC ❤️

  6. Ive been taking CBD oil for almost a week. Im trying it for serious arthritis pain as well as anxiety and irritability (which is really bad). So far, I have seen a marked decrease in my anxiety and irritability. The pain is no better – yet – still hopeful and I may try increasing the dose.

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