1. Hi! How is your dog doing with the seizures? Is she still having them or the CBD oil helped them go away? I’d love to know because I also want to get one for my dog who has an Idiopathic Epilepsy. Thank you very much! 😁

  2. this is awesome , thank you.

    i have a small 9 month old 3 pound chihuahua who just had 5 seizures within 24 hours this week!

    She had blood work done, came back perfectly normal and fine.
    They started her on phenobarbital, its completely stopped the seizures but she walks around with drunk rear-legs, and constantly needs to be watched – especially with my 3 year old running around the house acting like a 3 year old, we are worried he will trip over her and hurt her!

    Not sure if these side-effects will subside or not, or even completely but im worried.
    not to mention i have read it can cause liver failure!!!
    OMG, that sucks and is scary….im so worried about her, and i certainly dont want her little liver to fail………but its the only thing stopping the seizures form happening..

    i ordered some CBD oil just barley, hoping that will also help her because she gets so anxious when my wife leaves to get my kids from school – it causes her to wine and cry and walk back and forth down stairs where i sit at my desk and computer, and she eventually starts showing signs of seizure activity – also shows these signs when she gets stressed out from too many things going on.
    Me and my wife are constantly holding her and talking to her and protecting her, its like having a baby – literally.
    WE dont want to lose her and i am working night and day to find ways to help her, the only things i could find were CBD oil and something called rescue remedy.
    So i went with the CBD – it seems to be ideal for dogs with seizures, plus very affordable given she is only 3 pounds.

    I think im going to give her 2 drops, 1 in the am and 1 in the pm, which should be enough..i think its 0.82mg total, still not sure on that have to research more but will do that prob. tonight or tomorrow.

    so i read in another comment below that you took your dog off of the phenobarbital?
    May i ask why?
    Are you worried about the liver failure thing also??
    What kind of side-effects did your pup experience?
    How long did they last?

    My pup has been on this medication for about 4 days now and still no improvement on the side-effects, just as wobbly as she was from the first dose – i thought maybe she was getting too much of the medication, still am, but my wife talked to the vet today and they told her she was prescribed phenobarbital by her weight – so it must be a small dose..and must be right, i guess?

    I wonder if i can take matters into my own hands and give her half of what shes taking, but i dont want her to have seizures! omg im so stressed out about this..

    maybe when i get the cbd oil i can try lowering the phenobarbital dose and using the CBD instead – like half and half, that way i dont have to sit and think and worry about her liver all of the time, not to mention the stumbling and drunk'n like side-effects shes experiencing, i mean its BAD, she cannot for the life of her move around and be a normal dog without falling down every other step.
    She is constantly letting her legs collapse and acting like her rear-legs are made of jell-o.

    Cant jump up on the bed we have like she used to, cant jump onto our living room chairs even, hell, she even struggles going out back through our sliding glass door – its so sad watching her like this but i am very grateful she is seizure free, and thats what is most important. just need to remember that.

    Any advice or help you may have i would really really appreciate it.

    And also figured i'd share this, i found 2 things help with dogs who have seizures – one being a 5-flower remedy called Rescue Remedy; Costs about 10$ online for a bottle.
    And also i read that a vet in Maine i think it was? claims to have found a cure for dogs with seizures, and says its the food – he claims a certain brand and formula is used to treat it, its called :

    Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food, Grain Free, Sweet Potato & Fish Formula

    here's the link for the product on amazon:

    Hope this helps someone reading this comment, or yourself.

    I still cant believe this has happened, my little girl is only 9 months old and out of nowhere just earlier this week she had a seizure, then 4 more within 24 hours of the first one – one of the scariest things i've dealt with ever – i love my dogs SO MUCH.

    Thanks again, i really appreciate the video and hearing what you had to say made me feel A-LOT better about the situation, especially because you also use phenobarbital and included CBD and had these great results. Im stoked to get the cbd i orderd and start giving it to her.

    Bless you,
    – brian

  3. Our dog is 12 and had his first seizure literally about an hour ago. He violently shook his entire body, snorted like he couldn’t breathe, drooled, lost function in his back legs and lost control of his bowels. This was the most terrifying and
    saddest thing I have ever seen. He is slowly recovering and he has regained hind leg function, but he’s clearly scared and confused as to what has happened. My friend was able to get some CBD oil from her neighbor and just dropped it off to us. I gave him a few drops to calm him down- I think it worked. He is my first dog I’ve ever owned. I thought he was dying in front of me. Seeing what CBD can do is nothing short of a miracle. Hopefully we won’t need it, but we are ready if we do. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Where did you get the CBD oil??? My dog is on that same medication and I’m thinking of switching her to CBD. Please let me know! I’m trying to find out which one I can buy 😪

  5. My kitten started having seizures today I gave him some cbd and he's calm now I don't know how long it lasted so I don't know if he gonna pull through but he's resting now and he's not convulsing pray for him

  6. My 8 month old boxer pit had two. And one a weeek who that I know of. Cbd coming tomorrow. Thank you. It’s scary as hell. I’m heartbroken for him. He’s a puppy

  7. I recently ordered pet CBD oil but I’m worried about taking away his medicine due to him having withdrawals. How was the process switching from phenobarbital to CDB? Did you switch after a long time? Did you lower the dose of phenobarbital little by little? Did you see signs of withdrawal like random or cluster seizures? I’m sorry it’s a lot of questions I just can’t find any info online about the actual process.

  8. How has the pet CBD oil going for you and Zeus. I have an 8 yr old yorkie. Seizures started sept, came back 3 days ago and gotten worse while on pheno., now he’s taking another to go along with the Pheno 2 times a day

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