1. What if it’s the flower ( bud) and it’s cbd so it’s smoked, and not the oil and has 5% thc or less? Or like very low increments of thc

  2. Great I’m done. My Syrian Muslim doctor gave me cannabis oil for my nerve damage pain management. And I also had seizures….which the cannabis Alhamdolilah took away. May Allah help me and guide me towards a better pain management plan. The damage in my arm is irreversible. Stick with it for life.

  3. And just pray to almighty Allah to save us from mind disorders and all kinds of ailments. and as a normal person we dont know how much agonizing and painful it is when u have cancer, alzheimer, or parkinson. CBD and thc are promising medicine within the same domain of pain, anxiety and insomnia.

  4. It doesnt matter whether its halal or haram. Simple and easy if u use marijuana for recreational purpose its absolutely HARAM. but if you are using as a replacement of modern medicine then there is absolutely no factor of haram applies. Because for chronic diseases like cancer and degenrative diseases like parkinson, Alzheimer, and dystonia you need both thc and cbd to work effectively.

  5. Blessed is the day when I came across your channels Alhumdulillah👍
    I was looking from so long whose contents are authentic, Whom I can trust. ALHUMDULILLAH Allah helped me

  6. YOU CANT SAY THAT ITS HARAM OR HALAL if you ask some imams they say that thc is haram some say its halal some say that its not clearly and you can interpret it

  7. Jazakallahu khairan for this video. Just a point I wanted to make if there is a necessity where a cancer patient has either the choice of morphine, which has side effects, or a high dose of THC which has no side effects then is THC permissible? I've seen a fatwa of shaikh bin baz where morphine is allowed out of necessity and where it does not result in equal or greater harm. If you can please clarify. Barakallahu Feek.

  8. Salam alykum Sheikh. I am bit confused about one thing. I understood If something that intoxicates in large amounts is haram in small amounts to mean consuming anything with a substance that can intoxicate, no matter how low the concentration is haram. For example, non-alcoholic drinks that contain only 0.5% alcohol. I thought are still haram because alcohol intoxicates. I even heard that nutmeg is haram for the same reason because it was shown to be a hallucinogenic in large amounts. I am asking only for better understanding not because I like to consume these myself. Jazakullah.

  9. THC does fight cancer and for some who already would require narcotic opiates, the THC is a safe alternative with no more of an intoxication than current legal pain killers, with no chance of overdose. I am not saying to go blaze up, I'm saying for severe pain, THC cannot be anymore haram than a doctor scribed opiate. Jazakallah

  10. With this how can one reconcile with painkillers … end of day it is a intoxicant or is it not? Let's be real about it people going to extreme lengths to get a opioid… heroin etc… I have heard of someone using some marijuana vaped eaten smoked etc… go to extreme lengths the addition factor and chemical reaction certian drugs have marijuana if it was used as a pain killer what would it rule as if it was clinically prescribed or would a opioid be haram also?… I belive this has to be spoken about deeply… Mufti from hadithdisciple made few videos bizinillah check them out what he had said or call him 😂

  11. Please do a lecture in all smoking prior to knowing it is bad for health and after clearly knowing how bad it is for both passive inhalers of other people smoke, children and babies and actual smokers

  12. Assalamu Alaykum,

    I've been looking for info to see if it's Halal. I've been taking certain medications that seem to not work well and I've tried enough to feel like CBD may be an option. A chiropractor recommended it but I was hesitant (risk of prayers not being valid for being intoxicated and praying under that feeling). So if It has less than 3% thc (or 0.3%, making sure before I ask my doctor if it's okay to move to that as an option) thc then it's Halal?

    Jazak Allah khair for the video as well

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