1. I just bought a bottle of cbd oil from holistapet. I plan to use it in Hope's to treat my chihuahuas inflammation due to his tracheal collapse. Hope this works. I cant afford the surgery so the only thing I can do is try to manage the best quality of life I can give him. I plan to ween him off the prednisone and keep him on cbd of it works. My other dog has ivdd and is currently taking gabapentin daily 3x a day. If this cbd oil works for him I'd like to ween him off the gabapentin as well. I'm a desperate dog mom and I hate giving them meds that do further damage after prolonged use.

  2. I'm giving my mini weenie dog .6 ml hemp oil twice daily in attempts to rid her of an aggressive form of oral cancer. I've been giving this to her for 1 1/2 weeks and am seeing an improvement already! What is your opinion of Hemp oil, is it as good, or better than CBD oil?

  3. I'm Australian and have just bought some CBD & THC oil for my dog. Could you please tell me the name out the vet you refer to from Australia as I'd like to see him.
    Thanks in advance x

  4. What is the percentage of pure CBD oil in the mixture for Cats? There are so many difference in the percentage, among the different products on the market, and that does create a huge difference in its effectiveness.

  5. I need this big time for my dog, so I’ve been trying to purchase it with expedited shipping. Your website is having issues however, the checkout keeps failing or at least that’s the message I get, so I will have to go elsewhere. This is just a heads up.

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