CBD oil for Dog Seizures | Personal Testimony

Hey fluff friends, here’s my personal testimony on how CBD oil saved Chaska the Husky from terrible seizures. This was honestly the hardest video I’ve had ever …


  1. My dog is suffering the same . She’s on Keppra and the seizure keep coming. Last night she experienced it 4 times during 3 hours . I’m not financially flexible to have her see neurologist at this time.
    My question is , do I give her cbd and Keppra T the same time ? And how much of cbd oil should i give her ?

    It breaks my heart witnessing my 1 year lab keeps having seizure . Thank you

  2. Hello. It’s amazing to see your dog doing well with cbd! My 8 year old husky malamute mix just started having seizures. How long did it take for you to see changes with cbd? I have started usuing vet cbd for my dog. I started with a low dose of .5 ml but going to start giving him more gradually. The vet gave me gabapentin at first but after the bloodwork came through and showed nothing wrong with his organs he switched it to keppra. I just got these so he’s just starting the treatment. Source cbd looks pretty good. I am going to look into it and hopefully can get some locally.

  3. Hi. I tried three or four brands of cbd while he was on his three meds. Keppra zonisamide and pheno. His seizures increased. What can I do? I’m at witts end and spent thousands already. Please. Why didn’t it work. There’s gotta be something to help him. Essential oils helped but he’s getting them again. They will stop a seizure but nothing prevents them. Please. Any info would be appreciated.

  4. My 2.5 year old 60 lb husky just had his first grand mal seizure June 18 and just had a second one this Saturday (8/1). How much would you recommend me giving him of the 500mg? And would you recommend just cbd (possibly thc indica before bed because that’s when he’s had his seizures) without phenobarb? He has an MRI scheduled for tmrw and the vet has already mentioned putting him on it but I’m very hesitant

  5. I have mix pitbull and she has epilepsy. I have CBD oil 25 mg which I used for my other dog for his shoulder blade pain med. I'm not so sure if this gonna work to her or not. How much do you give your dog? Pls I need some answer. She's taking the epilepsy med ph…I but looks like getting worst and she don't remember me at all.

  6. You give me hope! I'm glad Chaska is doing well, and that CBD made for a good treatment. I'm going through the same thing with my 3yo Male Husky, hes gotten a seizure once every 5-6 weeks, first one I saw was in January. I thought it was a one off thing, vet told me if it happens again to consult him. few weeks later it happens, so we do an x-ray + blood tests and he turns out to be completely fine, very healthy in fact. so the doctor diagnosed him with epilepsy and prescribed KEPRA (which is making him lethargic, and today he growled at someone which is so unlike him). He's been on it for like a month, BUT he still got a seizure two days ago after I thought he would be fine…..

    I've been doing more research and came to two conclusions, 1) a whole food diet is better than anything, if you include the right foods and avoid the wrong ones. There has been promising research concluding this, but it just hasn't been done on a mass scale yet. Certain things like coconut oil are reported to contain MCT (?) which helps prevent seizures and keeps the brain healthy. I'm looking into a gradual diet change, but not 100% on the coconut oil as a source for MCT, which brings me to my second….2) CBD, though a lot of vets don't recommend it (yet), a lot of personal accounts swear by using it to help their dogs, including you. The fact that you mentioned it has coconut oil reassures me even more.

    I'm sorry for the mass text, but you can understand my worry…..can you please tell me if CBD has any side effects? you said Chaska seems younger! But does the CBD make him sleepy, or lazy, or disobey? My dog is also prescribed Royal Canin Gastrointestinal food, I'm feeling worse and worse about that everyday as I read more, despite it being considered a high quality dog food.

    Thanks <3 Hope Chaska stays healthy and youthful always 🙂

  7. Thank you for posting!! I recently adopted a mini schnauzer with seizures, some of my family thought I was crazy but I fell in love with her and I am willing to work through with her. Right she is on Keppra as well but I do not think that it is doing anything for her. I actually tried CDB treats 100 mg and saw no difference and want to take her off Keppra as well. When you took him off the Keppra did you do it cold turkey or gradually? Also, I was thinking of ordering online but I know that deliveries are backed up so I was thinking of also buying at the store. How many mg do you use? should I buy canine-specific tincture?

  8. I am new here and I learned something new from you . I don’t have any dog but it’s good to know, Chaka is so cute looking dog. Full View from us and thank you for sharing

  9. Hi Will, just came across your channel and have shared it with a close friend of mine who has been dealing with a similar situation with his dog. Having dealt with health issues with my own pups, I fully understand the distress you have gone trough and am so glad Chaska is doing heaps better! 😊

  10. CBD has been a game changer for my family as well. Two of my dogs and my husband take it daily. It works wonders for so many things. I’m sorry y’all went through that but glad you found a natural supplement.

  11. I had no idea what Chaska had been through. Thanks for sharing your story. So happy CBD oil has been working for you and that Chaska can now enjoy a happy life ❤ Watched with ads 😉

  12. Thank you for sharing this….when I was a lot younger and still living with my parents we had a dog that had seizures…back then cbd oil didn't exist yet. We felt really helpless back then and we had to let him go….I'm really glad you tried this on Chaska and hope he will live a healthy and happy long time….I've been hearing a lot of different things about cbd oil and think it does work for some dogs (and humans too) and do hope you'll reach many with this video!🐺🐾🐶🌷

  13. Awwwwww way to go Will, you’re great buddy, I’m glad you’re doing a video for other dog owners who help their dogs when they have seizures, you’re one kind caring person. Good news, I’m working on a brand new story called Los Angels Tag Team. It’s about a gang of men, ladies, and dogs who live in Los Angeles, and work together as a team to do things and solve problems. I play two characters, I play a policeman, and Taxi driver. The hook of the story, is that the dogs and humans all work together as a team. I would like to introduce two new characters, Andre and A-Wax, Andre is a white Husky, and A-Wax is a White German Shepherd. Those dogs a rare so I thought I’d do characters on them. I’m sharing this with you and Chaska to cheer you up because I saw that you were talking about the ups and downs Chaska had been having when he was sick. Bless you my friend for telling viewers what to do if the same thing happened to your dog too, how would you like to tell all your subscribers and viewers about all the stage I’ve told to help Chaska feel better😁

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