1. If you're a beginner to CBD oil! This Video will help you select your primary CBD oil dosage.

    It's really difficult when starting as there is almost no research regarding the dosage which people should start with.

    These are the steps I took to get the best CBD dosage for myself:

    1) 1/6 of body weight in MG is the minimum CBD oil you can take. You can work your way up after 1-2 weeks where it really helps you.

    2) You will have to experiment with your CBD oil. If your CBD oil is from a good company then be assured that it has almost no side effects even if you take a bunch of it. But always start slow and increase your dosage. As high CBD can make you drowsy.

    3) Consult with a doctor who practices marijuana education.

    I mostly take it for anxiety and my boyfriend takes it for sleep issues.

  2. How do u know how much your taking? Like what's 5 or 10 drops of oil under your tongue equivalent to? Just in general. Been wanting to get into cbd…..mainly for sleep and anxiety. I smoke weed regularly….

  3. #1 from what I can gather 1ml contains about 20mg of CBD in most products…right?!

    #2 to me the math is a bit off…1 to 6mg per 10lbs means that a 220lbs person needs about 22mg to 132mg? 😳
    Did I understand something wrong here?!

  4. I give my mom a 1000mg of cbd and like 100 mgs of delta 8 thc gummies throughout the day n about 100 mgs at once of tincture or choclates at night and a hit or two of refined live resin, does her quite well n much better then more opiates

  5. My problem is getting my CBD bottle to open. How can I open these "Child Proof" bottle droppers. Maybe find a child? I am in my fifties and I don't consider myself a weakling, but I have been trying to open this "Push while turning" for almost an hour and it's not working.

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  8. I have really bad anxiety/depression, and it’s taking a huge toll on my sleep. I really don’t wanna take prescription medications simply because of the negative side effects. Would this help me with my insomnia?

  9. When I started off with full spectrum I was taking 2 full droppers for pain a day & it helped and I thought it was my miracle until the 3rd bottle then everytime, even at lowest doses I would have dizziness & anxiety so bad. 🙁 I’m so disappointed I’ve tried to switch brands 3 times & Im still having a reaction at the lowest dose. Does it build up in your system? Maybe I can’t handle full spectrum? It was so good for those first few bottles.

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