CBD Nation

CBD Nation is a documentary examining the highest levels of research and evidence behind the safest known, therapeutically active medicine humanity has: …


  1. Amazing documentary, From CBD ISOLATE, Broad spectrum CBD, And Full spectrum CBD. There is a product for everyone. I have taken CBD for 4 yrs daily. Im am in construction, And Train Jiujitsu on a regular basis. For Extreme Pain theres so many different types of strains. From natural energizers to Some sativa plants 🌱 that have the cancer blocking agent CBG. If anyone is looking for a high quality product i do recommend https://quartztradingco.com/ please message me with any questions

  2. No, our bodies did not evolve to work with this plant. It's a coincidence. Since we have a nicotinic system, did our bodies evolve to work with tobacco? 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

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