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Pellequr spa in Beverly Hills, California, offers full-body scrubs and facials. One of its most popular treatments is the traditional Korean scrub, which includes a …


  1. As a Muslims we
    we do the same thing a long time ago and we call it HAmmam it’s very importante this kind of hot bath and we are doing it each week

  2. y’all just don’t get it. it costs that much because it’s a whole treatment that someone else does on you. that way you can relax. i guarantee you can’t do all of this at home yourself.

  3. We use to do that back when I used work in korea when we have day off we go to jjimjilbang back 2003 if u want scrub with ajima it’s only cost 20dolar now it’s so expensive I wish they have here in North Carolina I miss it

  4. We do this once a month or two months in Turkey. This is really similar with Turkish hamam (but in hamam we usually clean our body with soaps as well ). And Turkish hamam is much cheaper.

  5. This is héritage in my culture from decades in algeria 🇩🇿🥰 we can not live without doing this scrub our body…we go to hamam a place where we take a hot shower and we use this kiyassa we call it

  6. They all love Asian food, trends, skincare, products, and other things now- but the second Asians are experiencing senseless racism and hate, they all go quiet

  7. but this thing we do in Tunisia and in North Africa in general at least once a week
    Exfoliating the skin when we take a shower , but the mask is optional ,and before the exfoliation we do the soap🙂❤

  8. This is a typical North African Turkish hammam scrub that exists centuries ago in Algeria we call the glove ‘Kassa’ and in the hamam you can ask a women to exfoliate your body for less than £1 or you can do it yourself at home as well but you will still get the best results in the Hammam due to the high level of hot steam

  9. This is normal I do this in my house just get a normal small towel and wet it with water(you can also apply soap with it) and scrub your body then and rinse it after you finish scrubbing this is normal in my country and I ain't korean

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