CBD-Infused Pillow Review- Brookstone "Relaxation" Pillow

Infusing CBD into a pillow seems like it could actually work to help you sleep better. But how was it in practice? For $30 this Brookstone CBD-infused pillow is …


  1. Parris, you really should try out the purple harmony pillow (the standard 6.5 loft version). you and I have the same taste in pillows. I hate when a pillow covers my face when laying on my side. but man my wife got me the purple harmony pillow and Parris… it is legitimately out of this world amazing! there's just nothing else like it and I've been through SO many different pillows (coop home goods, Layla, Casper, etc.). it isn't like any other pillow on the market. it has a spring like/buoyancy effect that makes your head feel like its floating. it's great for side, back and even stomach sleepers. it's expensive (160 smackaroos) but to be able to wake up every morning without a stiff/painful neck; it's worth every penny! so if u are still on the hunt for the "perfect pillow", then by all means, give the purple harmony a shot. u can always mail it back and get a full refund within the 100 night sleep trial they give u. hope this helps and hope u are doing well!

  2. So sorry to hear you are dealing with arthritis problems. Have you read the scientific studies on zinc deficiency and arthritis? My mother had great relief when she took zinc monomethionine.

  3. I don't know if you're aware of it but there's this ad that is just like going through the thread and it's about masks and it shows a picture or an actually a video of you putting on the mask I don't know if you're aware of being in that commercial or not I took a screenshot of it if you have an email I'll send it to you

  4. Definitely not worth it. You could spend 30 dollars on a high quality cbd mix it with water and alcohol and use it as a linen spray. Oh no did I just come up with a great idea.

  5. Wow that's wild. I feel like whatever CBD is if it's an oil in a capsule little ones or something I feel like that can only last so long then …its just a pillow. I don't know. Soooo much cbd products now a days. I havnt tried any myself

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