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  1. Mujhe yeh batao agar documents submitt karne k baad account open ho gaya hai ab mai agar ismai peise rakhna cahun ya bad mai nikalna cahun to nikal sakta hun na koi problem to nhi hogi na

  2. I am trying to open CBD Digi account via app I am not successful to do it. It says go to the nearest branch with valid Emirates ID visa and passport copy, why? Can you suggest me please??

  3. I opened the account but I forgot the option for cheque book and now they send me massage you will get your debit card soon but I need cheque book what to do my account is current account

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  5. 1 sawaal seving account open kren to achcha hai ya crunt account sahi hai 2 no ke fayde kya hain hame nahi pta hai patayen please or aap cdb me account open kaise hoga adcb ki tarah live video aplod kren taki hame aasaani se malum ho jay

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  7. Is it necessary to keep some amount in current account ? Otherwise you will have to pay tax . Means If you have 5000 or 3000 in your account You will not have any monthly charges if less than then you have to pay 25 per month

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