Cannabis Use Disorder – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is cannabis use disorder? Cannabis use disorder is the reliance on cannabis one gets from smoking marijuana to function normally. Find more videos at …


  1. Please someone help me with some sort of medications, I was smoking weed 4-5 times daily, and due to prolonged use of it I feel very heavy on my brain and my thinking abilities are dropped due to it.

    Please help me 😭🙏

  2. i started smoking weed just being stupid with my cousin. but i also have PTSD with anxiety so i became very dependent on it. i’ve been smoking for like 6 years now and when i’m without it i feel like i need it and that’s all i think about is how i’m going to get it or how i can’t do something the same high vs sober. my mood changes and i’m very very irritable , cloudy thinking, bad headaches and very vivid dreams. i didn’t realize i was an addict until i was without it one time going in a public place. i was like oh fuck what am i going to do and this was like 2 years ago. finding the strength to quit or at least be less dependent on it. good luck to everyone else too

  3. Good to know I smoke every day and idk what the hell your talking about but the more you smoke less likely you feel anything this dudes saying and I rarely feel any edibles unless it’s 1500mg or over so I never take edibles explain that science guy

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    just. no.

    addictive qualities??

  5. In comparison to the life destroying medications available on the NHS I would choose Cannabis every time. Try withdrawing from 600mg of Pregabalin 2x daily after years of use.

  6. Feeling like a phony because my main problem isn't alcohol and I've never touched "hard" drugs… I'd consider my problem a compulsion rather than an addiction but maybe that's me being afraid of the word because it's "just weed" . From 16 and a half to 19 I was stoned all day every day, $500 in debt to my parents who gave me money to buy weed (???) And my school counselor convincing me not to drop out, and not being able to keep a job
    I'm high functioning right now but I still keep smoking even when I don't want to and immediately regret it.. addicted to escaping my feelings

  7. I wouldn't say that Marijuana necessarily increases apettite. Munchies are the thing. Ice cearms, chocolates, pints of milk, poppicles etc. I find it to be an appetite supressant. Some level of dependantcy" on a scale rising from picking up discarded weed dogends from filthy drains, to "do I want a beer or a joint this morning"

  8. this is why i always say , if you're going to smoke weed . do it on a schedule , i went from smoking everyday to doing it now n then . i personally think weed helped me honestly from committing suicide honestly but thats a different conversation for later.

  9. What I do know is most people believe whatever the TV says ! And whatever our caring government says ! They would have you believe anything if it benefitted them in one way or another.

  10. I don't understand how cannabis is addictive at all, I smoked for years , actually since jr high and when I was looking at a much better job in 2001 I had to stop because of drug screening , I didn't notice any withdrawl or any kind of dis-comfort. Then I got hurt and was on oxycodone for a few years and when I was taken off that I thought I was going to die from withdrawls ! I never even heard of anyone being addicted to cannabis , and everyone I know smoked growing up. I just dont understand I guess. I think a lot of people don't understand what addiction really is untill they get hooked on haroin or prescription pain pills . You will understand what addiction really is then !!!!

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