1. Dude you need to check out the site Greenrush. com. and take advantage of your local dispensaries selling to topicals, weed, seeds, edibles, prerolls, etc… ONLINE and have it DELIVERED to your door, or P.O box so random people don't be at your door. Use my code HERBS4U and knock off $20 off your first 4 orders.$80 value code. Now listen you can only buy if you have a medical card to buy from dispensaries. But if you got a card? JUST DO IT! Lol Ask your dispensary bros to know what strains are the best and use this code to get the best at a cheaper price. Get to the site, save money, and smoke up…. Or eat up with an edible. You got to check this out man. I'm advertising this because I want all of people to know about this and get what they can legally while we wait for full recreational legalization.🙌

  2. 2 Weeks. 3 Phases. Up to 16 Pounds.
    I have 3 week diet product can you promote please I will pay 30$ a week
    i wish someone could mail me the pdf ? 🙁
    Can I have it pfd!!!?? We don't have it in Jordan ://

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