Cannabis and CBD for Fibromyalgia

In this video Dr. Liptan explains the uses of both Cannabis and CBD to treat varying fibromyalgia symptoms, and whether or not she recommends combining …


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  3. i was looking this info. i used weed for years against Fibromyalgia but was tired of the high stoner feeling and felt it made me more anxious and paranoid. also smoking tobaco was not feeling good for me… so i was thinking of trying LDN but reading online was giving me different info.. i still would like to smoke weed once in a while and some say LDN blocks the effect, while other say it works good together. so im happy to have found yours page… i did try cbd but seem not to work. im still wondering to try it again with some more help. ore diffrent dose. i felt like it did nothing but maybe i try it to short…

  4. Do you have any patients that have tried both CBD and cannabis that didn’t help them? I wasn’t successful with anything with THC because very little makes me “high” and had reactions even cream. The CBD didn’t give me any side effects other than slept a little better but didn’t do anything or my pain. Edibles actually increased my anxiety. Sometimes I wonder I I just did it wrong I really want it to work or me.

  5. "… a permiscuos molecule" 😅

    CBD can do some amazing positive things for pain (w/out the high), and lots of other positives such as lowering anxiety and inflammation in the body.

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