1. My wife has MS and takes from 4 to 6 hits from a spray called Sativex which is made out of the marijuana plant every day and has done so for years. It helps her with cramps and possibly minor pain but her MS has only got worse over time. I am sorry but do not get your hopes up to high it probably will make your life easier but that is probably it. Over time it seem that even if you do not smoke it which is one of the big benefits with taking it in a sprayform the traditional sensations that come with smoking it will break through and mostly make you tired etc etc. So Marijuana is a medicin and not something that you smoke, sure you can party with it by smoking it but it wont have any good medicinal effects you only get high, tired, hungry, it makes you laugh etc etc but that is it.

  2. Cannabis works best for me. 2 years no medication only THC/Hemp oil/CBD and green tea. Boost your immune system and it will relieve you of your MS symptoms.

  3. My mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2016 after a 2nd bout with optic neuritis (right eye). Same neurologist/same treatment (Avonex) until just January ! So many other doors are open since seeking a specialist.our home doctor introduce us to Total cure herbal foundation where we finally get the right treatment for this disease, we have been on 3 different types of medications so far, but none seems to help me. Either I can't tolerate it or one didn't give any results.there is a herbal approach that has worked across Africa and China for centuries, this herbal approach has recorded a tremendous success stopping the disease progression and gradually alleviate all symptoms for MS.in other to purchase from them kindly visit their online website totalcureherbsfoundation.com 
    Good luck to each and every one of that's trying this herbal formula.

  4. Let's talk about spasticity. I went from a walker to no walker in about 3 months with CBD from cannabis. I'm able to focus and stay pain free during the day with THC + CBD. I'm about to stay pain free at night and sleep with a mix of THC And CBD.

  5. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. I AM NOT ALLOWED TO USE MARIJUANA WITHOUT THE FEAR OF LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS.,( due to greedy government worried they can't get their Shre of profits)THIS HERB THAT COULD HAVE SAVED ME FROM THE HELL I LIVE , IF YOU CAN CALL IT THAT! LEGALLY I use Opiates, Barbituates, preiously Novantroe, ( chemotherapy drug),previously Beta Seron an injectable Beta Blocker also used Methotrexate ( most ofetn used for rheumatoid arthritis) have caused so much destruction to my body it's worse than the MS itself! But this one herb that would not cause neurotic lesions ( rotted flesh aka a bed store) I am scared not only emotionally but physically due to Beta Seron, from having to feel THE pain, smell my own rotting flesh, watching the removal of my flesh rotted flesh, being scarred for life, severe liver damage from lack of monitoring the effect of Methotrexate. I was diagnosed and have been with the same neurologist over 20 years. NEVER ONCE ORDERED AN MRI. I had to have my natural lenses of my eyes removed due to over use of steroids cataract formations before I was 30. THE so MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS HAVE DESTOYED MY BODY, practicing medicine HAVE DESTROYED my body. Now, after years of being on opiates, barbiturates, as well as methaphenidate. My Dr, has decided to decrease the medications. I DID NOT ASK FOR MS OR TO BE A DRUG ADDICT. i am now seeing evidence that all of the HELL I have suffered and will suffer worse due to withdrawal from opiates, taken for over a decade. All the HELL could have been avoided with a naturally grown herb. I FEEL ROBBBED BY THE DENIAL AND DESTRUCTION OF MY QUALITY OF LIFE, CAREER, because The DR. & laws decided to make me worse instead off instead better because they decided use using Medicinal Marijuana! How can I help get this in formation to the correct people. I have already spoken to both of my Senate representatives. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO HET THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BENIFITS OF MARIJUANA! I am POex the way I have been treated. IT is illegal in the southern state where I live, a beautiful southern state.

  6. I don't know how long this video was produced but we here in the US clearly understand and have documented the complete inhalation OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS using Cannabis extracted oils. To be more precise RSO OIL. Search it out for yourself. We are far beyond easing symptoms and have cured it as you may already know

  7. the are trying to teach the truth.. about Marijuana! 😀

    Lost of Negative propaganda in the USA! The only country witch is ignorant about the beautiful magical plant.. God created it so it is good! it saves lives and heals people.. it saved mine!

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