Can CBD help you Quit Nicotine?

can cbd help you quit nicotine? that is the question i’ll be answering in today’s video!! i’ll be smoking a cbd cigarette, and discussing whether they can help you …


  1. Those cigarettes are trash, The Snapz Cbd Cigerettes are better. Quiting smoking cigarettes is Mental First, I also started microdosing on magic mushrooms the day I decided to quit been building myself up mentally for a while.

    Then comes the Chemical part. Just quit goin on almost 3 weeks now. Went through crazy withdrawls for the first few days, Dizziness, Insomnia, Diarrhea etc etc. I use CBD Flower now when or if I having a craving but honestly since microdosing I really rarely desire smoking or drinking. When I drink I do crave a cigerette but am able to resist now. So I would say Cbd in general definately helps you just need to find a good brand with good quality products.

    Cheers Mates 🍻

  2. Cbd thc 1:1 patches got me to quit nicotine, have touched to stuff in 2 years, no backwoods, swishers, black n milds, cigs nothin. Feels great

  3. Have you tried TAAT yet? Same deal only theyre made to taste and burn like real cigs. New company with a bunch of ex big tobacco employees running the company. I personally can’t wait to try them.

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