1. Synthetic Cannabinoid?? Why do they have to twist and turn something that already performs naturally?? I’ll tell you why, the people approving it know that they can’t patent a plant. So they have to create their own to fill their big pockets even more.

  2. Why produce synthetic cannabis wn the natural one exists… You ppl cannot live without corrupting everything that’s healthy n in its natural form…can oyu now…?!?!
    N big time YESSSSSS cannabis has proven to cure from cancer to seizures to diabetes to everything tested upon until now n that’s why it’s illegal… coz none of the pharma companies will be making zillions of dollars… SICK

  3. I was really badly yesterday to a point where I had to come home from work, they sent me for a test, I've tested positive but I've been smoking joint after joint and I'm alot better today 🤷‍♂️

  4. I smoked everyday during the pandemic and just when my country decided to peak. I went on a t break and I made contact with someone infected with covid. Oh well, wish me luck. Shouldn't have put the joint down

  5. Hello my name is Bernard Thern and am sick of covid now I tested Positive for it and my lungs been hurting me and my joints have been painful and I lost sense of smell but I eat and I don't cough that much so am asking if I can Roll a blunt of weed can I smoke it and it wouldn't block me from breathing ?

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  8. When I caught covid and it went into my lungs and felt like I was breathing in pieces of glass, i started taking massive bong rips and coughed that shit out.. it hurt like a mf but I was able to breath again in 3 days.. I never stopped smoking either after that.. Haven't gotten sick with the bs since..

  9. There is a code that allows you to clean cannabis energetically, and thus benefit from additional positive effects on the subtle bodies and the entire energy system (meridians, glands …) You just have to write it 8 times in a row or by skipping lines between each series and then putting the flower on the paper and waiting 2 minutes or saying it out loud number by number, always 8 times. This code is: 3103409413
    Try …

  10. Listen, when I watched news about cannabis on YouTube by Japanese media, there were something weird things that I felt.
    Almost all of the comments are
    “Guys, DRUG effects badly. All the people who take marijuana go mad. So, we shouldn’t make legal them in Japan!!!😡”.
    90% of Japanese think them together — marijuana and drugs(stimulants, cocaine and heroin).
    I was really surprised that here is totally different.
    I think that Japanese are making the public opinion “Marijuana is illegal, so they are bad” because some people want to defend their vested interests (police, pharmaceutical company, tobacco company and politician).
    EVERYDAY I see wrong or incorrect news are reported and they trust them.
    I want you to notice this reality in Japan.

  11. I'll be real i 100% had c19 before the rise of the pandy smoke weed heavily and eat edibles and did while super sick tested as flu type a tho think it was wrong and was fine in less than a week daughter had covid now and everyone in the house smokes weed nobody else is testing positive id start testing it … ppl

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