Brain Tumour Vs Cannabis Oil

Isn’t it time Cannabis Oil was legalised for medicinal purposes… I speak with my nephew Jack who has defied all the odds! Jack was diagnosed with a grade 4 …


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  2. My friend has got brain cancer , a beautiful lady that had her own business & her whole life in front of her. She needs cbd oil with thc. She lives in Thailand . can anyone help me with this. I know how much she has lost & i am desperate to try & help her. Please please please can anyone help me with this?

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    All thanks to God and Mayra's Post.

  5. You should have Jack look into the “forks over knives”diet that I’m on. There is a free movie about it on Netflix. It also helps turn the cancer cells off and cure diabetes, high blood pressure and heal the body naturally with diet alone.

  6. Great video! Very touching. I will say a prayer for your nephew and I’m so happy to hear that the oil is truly helping. It’s the same here in the US. They don’t want you to have things that actually help because then they can’t keep charging for the treatments and medicines. It’s a sin when being a doctor is more about being a business than a calling to truly heal people.

  7. Cannabis Oil kills cancer cells WITH HIGH THC…type "Brain Tumour Vs Cannabis Oil" into youtube search to see video after video showing this then when you have finished seeing 100s of hours of video type in "Rick Simpson" and watch all of his videos …step by step you will understand cannabis oil kills cancer cells stone dead BUT you MUST take the correct dose of THC to kill them as you will understand when you watch Rick Simpson's videos.

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