Best CBD Oil 2021

I’ve tried many CBD oils over the past few years – these are my 3 favorite. I hope this video helps you in choosing a CBD oil! If you have any questions please …


  1. Hay please be honest

    Which five you recommend from all the bottles you taken, from excellent to good!

    I’m looking for a hemp/cbd with make you feel “alive, awake, focused & revitalise your full system without any major or minor high feeling”,
    which make you see results sooner!

    Could you provide this information ?

  2. I am looking for something to replace to help me sleep as I can't sleep due to my mind working non-stop. which one do you strongly recommend on a convenient budget also. Ty so much

  3. I’m sure everyone knows the answer here. But, I do not :-/ so, I’m sorry in advance.
    Can you vape these CBDs? And if not, I’m sorry again. But, can you recommend any vaping CBD? Sorry again and Thank you.

  4. Never tried CBD, but tired of the motrin/advil routine. I was undecided, but thank you for your review.
    By the way any thoughts of those other brands I think one's called Harrelsons spray CBD or Thrival by Leef Organics?

  5. Thanks a million bro for your advices. I ordered the vape kit with the e liquid and the 6000mg 120ml lazarus naturals. Looking forward to see your new review videos. Keep it up chris you are a blessing for many people

  6. Hi chris im keith. I want to thank you a lot for your great and very informative videos. I am struggling with anxiety ptsd etc these last 4 years. I never knew about cbd products and im doing my research. I think i will buy soon or lazarus or the nuleaf. Not that money is not an issue but i will go the extra mile to get relieve from anxiety. Can i ask you the difference between lazarus and nuleaf for reducing anxiety. What do you think are the reasons to spend the extra money for nuleaf. And do you think vaping cbd is good for anxiety. Thanks a lot

  7. Is the potency in the 300mg to the 6000mg the same?? Or would I have to get the 6000mg to get the best effects?? And also could I fail a drug test if I take the normal dose daily?

  8. Hi I’m dealing with a few ailments L4-L5 disc bulge sciatica, Retinitis Pigmentosa, joint arthritis in my fingers. I’ve never taken CBD been looking for a natural alternative. My stomach is getting to sensitive to the prescription medication and over the counter medication also not good for the body. Money is very tight out of work so what would you recommend for my situation? Thank you greatly appreciated God bless.

  9. Hi there, I have tried the Lazarus Natural's 3,000 mg full-spectrum CBD oil with little to no effect, is there any thing else you can recommend that is a full spectrum cbd oil for folks like me on a tight budget? thank you

  10. Chris the way you describe these products, they seem pretty strong however is it still a daily supplement thing where you need to take for 10+ days to feel the effects or do you notice the first night you take it?

  11. I'm a truck driver so I'm extremely hesitant to use full spectrum because of the Trace amounts of THC and that it builds up and stores in your fat do you recommend any broad spectrum products

  12. I haven't tried CBD yet, but looking into it now.
    Have you tried Black Dragon? A friend of mine is recommending it. It looks like they have a few different varieties, but not sure which one to try.

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