1. What are you going to do when the companies that started adding tumeric files for a patent? This is early trials on massive case studies on the public. Montels company has potential of hundreds of patents. Its not going to be open to public on long term. This is a study. Pharma will not allow it.

  2. CBD really helps with pain. It takes about a week to start working. Does it get you high ? No. But when you are irritated or just grumpy, take a little and you definitely chill out. All that said, it's time for the federal government to legalize marijuana. Sometimes you need a buzz. Alcohol isn't what you want to use. You need a plant. You need a dooby. Let them know that you are here. Don't bitch unless you are in the fight.

  3. also i wanted to ask how i am to buy the products you have adviced?? ive been using a cbd oil by jacob hooy from holland and barrett, a health store here in the uk, it is £19.99 for 10ml which is 2.75%. get back to me, many thanks xx

  4. hey, great video!!! ive started using cbd oil for my 6year old doberman who went off her feet suddenly and was diagnosed by her vet to possibly have a brain tumour!? they wanted to put her down straight away but we refused as shes still so alive and in no pain, so we brought her home, started her on some cbd oil, natural clean eating, and regular massages of diluted frankinsense oil into her kneck and tense muscles in her legs. its been less than 24hours and she has gotton up and walked freely with minimal support!!!!! so we are continueing with daily usage of the cbd oil which from research ive found she can have about 5-8 drops diluted in coconut oil as its 1 drop to every 10llb and she is 88llb. so any other advice or tips on this would be very much appreciated. xxxx

  5. Is there any reason why you can't/don't ship to the UK? We here in the UK need CBD oil too but because cannabis is illegal here, it's very difficult to source here. Please could you let me know if you know of any suppliers of good CBD oil for the UK? Thanks 😀

  6. I hope you can win the public over but I think it is too late. The feds are shutting down the whole cbd industry and we are stuck with crap drugs like ssris and ssnris with have side effects.

  7. You mentioned the benefits for IBS. I understand you can't really tell me what I need to do for IBD (Crohns) and paralyzing anxiety. But are there supplements that are good for these problems. I am on Zoloft, atenolol and clonipin. I am positive that these meds are keeping me sicker than what originally caused me to start taking these meds.

  8. I am 40 year old Canadian and single full time father to a beautiful and well behaved little boy who is my pride and joy; he gives me a reason to smile each and every day. But laughing& smiling does not come so easy these days anymore as I recently starting suffering from anxiety & depression,, and gastrointestinal issues like IBS; and I have suffered from chronic pain since the mid 90's now.

    I found much relief though about a year ago once I started consuming medical cannabis; specifically strains rich in CBD (cannabidiol). After 20 years of lower lumbar back pain due to herniated disk in the lumbar area and after going to over a dozen different chiropractors over the years I found relieve almost over night just by smoking CBD rich cannabis!

    Since I discovered this I now take it in tincher form under my tongue and I make my own oil then and put in capsules. It's helping a lot with my anxiety and IBS too. I got off of the pills Omaprazole (losec) (PPI) after 23 years that was destroying my liver. I've been researching into the benefits of cannabinoids quite extensively over the past year now and have 25 years of experiences consuming cannabis as well.

    Even my dog is benefiting from cannabis! My 9 year old beautiful & well behaved rottweiler has had hip dysplasia since he was a year old. He has never been able to walk more than maybe a block or two and he would be pretty sore after. I just gave him his live back last year by giving him 5mg of cannabis oil twice daily. Now unfortunately though he has bone cancer (osteosarcoma). I had his toe amputated recently as I knew this was needed and he's doing amazing now.

    I was giving the oil directly on my dogs tumor at his toe for almost 6 months and it sucked that tumor right to the surface. Also I cut my leg really back this summer, about a 8 inch gash on the shin) and it got a possible staph infection. I was running a fever, and sweating like a pig at night, and didn't sleep for days. When I noticed the obviously infection on my wound instead of running to the ER for antibiotics I put home made cannabis oil 1:1 ratio on my leg and the infection was gone the next day.. the leg healed in about a week. took picture each day.

    Cannabis has benefited me and my dog, and maybe other individuals I know too in so many ways. Now I'm on a mission to share this information with others and to spread the word that cannabis does saves lives. Please help me spread the word by sharing my channel or some of the videos I have compiled on it. Better yet subscribe too and come share your story as well by starting a discussion.

    No copyright intended. All content used in adherence with fair dealing which is a user right contained in the Copyright Act. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Best wishes and good health in 2017 and the years to follow!

  9. You two are so cute ❤️ Thank you for the informative video. I'm adding this to my Christmas list. Judita, love the gorjois you're wearing. Also on my Christmas list 😊

  10. Love that you did this video….I bought some of your CBD and love it !! And that you've added the other superior foods to it such a great bonus~ Really really happy you've created this oil~I've ordered other product from you in the past~you have a customer for life~ Great fast friendly service~Thank you (:

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