Behind the smokescreen of medical cannabis | Dedi Meiri | TEDxTelAviv How did Israel become a cannabis empire? Prof Dedi Meiri is the head of the world’s leading cannabis lab in the Technion. In TEDxTelAviv …


  1. The important thing for corporate is to stop all non pharmaceutical methods for health improvement and disease treatment. It is all about the need to control being the only witch doctor in town. The well being of the human family does not factor into the profit factor which is a shame.

  2. So, all this research and politicians in the USA still say we need more research. As schedule 1, “it has no medicinal use”, WTF? It’s obvious who the real criminals are!

  3. All I know is, cannabis has improved my life in countless ways. For one, during a rough period in my life 5 years ago, a doctor prescribed Lexipro and Xanax. I found living in Lexipro's emotional flatness bizarre and alarming. (I was also surprised by how many people want Xanax once they know you have a supply.) Cannabis, on the other hand, brought me peace, calm and even pleasure in trying times. It expanded my consciousness, helping me appreciate all the good in my life, while examining the roots of my trouble and resolving so much of it. Cannabis is a profoundly intuitive agent in the healing of all suffering.

  4. Bla bla bla……. this is the right way to get everyone confused about a plant…. just grow your own and smoke it in the evening so you'll be ok. Stop spreading useless confusion

  5. Started using in 4th grade 1970, and still use it today at 59 yrs old. I don't need permission, or research to know what works. And it hasn't hindered my life. I work in the technical field, running complex precision machinery. Have worked on medical devices, aircraft, and proton accelerators at MIT. Don't let laws or government tell you what's right for you.

  6. its a cheap way to cure people, big Pharma is keeping schedule one. its time people wake up and stand up or nothing will change. government isn't for the people its for the wealthy only.

  7. Keep up you're great work! 👍👏👏👏👏👏
    I live with chronic pain and don't know what CBD oil to try?
    After having two neck surgeries and been in pain for three years and have tried many different types of pain medication all with side effects I'm on pain patches now but not working that well and make me itch all over.
    Australia needs to get on and make this legal with out having to jump through hoops and so expensive.

  8. If you are newer to the stoner game don’t drive. You are intoxicated. Check your reaction time and you’ll notice it. I play ice hockey and playing stoned can hurt you. Endocanabanoid system is to sleep and relax, not be alert.

  9. God Gave Us Herb. Discussion Over. Tell them to Get lost if they don't like it.
    It reduces pain profoundly on levels not easily discribed, it makes living with pain mentally bearable.

  10. where did all these hundreds of strains come from? im sure 100 years ago there weren’t that many. man has crossbred and produced so many hybrid versions that they watered down the strength and effectiveness of it just for this reason so u can make more money. go back to the original if that’s possible all u will find your cure all!

  11. Cannabis became criminalized in the 1930s because Americans were afraid of the Mexicans smoking so they criminalized it to keep them in Mexico. No wonder Mexicans are so much more fun.

  12. He didn’t really mention about the fact that it doesn’t have negative side effects. After a recent surgery I was prescribed narcotics that didn’t help my pain at all and all they did was put me to sleep. The side effects I had after stopping them 10 days post surgery lasted several weeks, not to mention the awful effects it had on my already messed up GI system that took about a month to re-regulate. I have a family history of colon cancer from both of my parents’ sides of the family so I’m interested greatly in the strain that prevents that. The stigma and horrific things they said about cannabis starting in the 1930’s has caused such a bad mindset about it that I can’t share with either of my parents, aunts/uncles, or grandparents about the healing properties of cannabis. Thankful for people like this person who was willing to stand up and combat the lies with truth. Our world needs to realize WHY it was demonized in the first place and WHY the government is so resistant to legalizing it for medical use.

  13. I could of just kept quiet and just created GOLD filling my bank account, but that would of been SELFISH ! I was returned to 'restore' EARTH, not get rich. Growing HEMP will restore earth, atmosphere, humanity.

    YouTube CYBER ATTACKING me proves your FELON ACTIONS !

    CYBER ATTACKING my message from GOD proves me right FEDERAL AGENT.

    The HOLY SPIRIT told me that explaining about atoms will help restore my brain.

    Boiling water proves that heat excites molecules that allows atoms to boil and escape. All things in life are made of ATOMS that bond into MOLECULES that creates matter. It is a matter of understanding the stages that 'heat' will do to ATOMS.

    There is a CREATOR that is sexless. The word GOD is man made for control of 'humanity'.

    It was not a question of believing my meditation but 'understanding' it. That is why I did what MOSES had them do in the BIBLE. I 'drank' MONATOMIC GOLD.


    Alright I have tried the SPIRITUAL side to get word out, now it is MANS way;

    My grandfather was a certified genius with 156 IQ that ran the PANAMA CANAL ZONE for the military until 1958 and can be looked up. ( Co. George W. Bland Sr.).

    My IQ was 148 when was 17.

    I wrecked my Harley giving me a 5.5 TBI that THC is restoring.

    I figured if THC is restoring my brain injury the way I say it is and if I am as smart as the IQ test says then I should be able to figure out how GOLD formed to 'prove' healing.

    I DID ! But they CYBER ATTACK ME !

    Government kills, GOD 'heals'.


    CREATORS 'healing' warrior.

    Because I was not believed I did a SPIRITUAL MEDITATION where I was shown how GOLD formed to show TRUTH.

    Copper melts at 1800F but the 'atoms' must be brought to a boil, that is at 3500F. There can't be any oxygen because will put pressure against atoms blocking escape. Melted BORAX will do this as long covering copper. In 100 hours 100 atoms will escape leaving 79 atoms that is GOLD.

    Only GOD can return me from 'death'

  14. Leafly & other similar websites offer a public user rating system. The effects & what medical disorders a particular strain may contain & help with. Patients & legal recreational users of cannabis, as of now, would greatly benefit from a rating system developed through the scientific/medical lens as he states. Terpenes, strains, amount used, consumption methods, etc. all play a part even in one singular strain's use. We are looking for a needle in a haystack. But we are trying to find the needle by creating our own crudely drawn map.

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