Arkansas Prices Rich People Out of Medical Marijuana Cultivation

Application fee. $100000 Registration Fee. $1million in Accets with $500k in provable liquidity. Like, huh?


  1. And here we are 2019 and still now dispensaries. I'm still having to choke down addictive pills. It's just twisted how they are exploiting the citizens of Arkansas. Last I read we won't have a dispensary in my area until January 2020. I aware all the feet dragging is deliberate. Oklahoma hammered it all out in 6 months. Our leaders have no excuses for what's been done here.

  2. The other states are forgetting the legal states allow you to grow, barter, gift, and a few other things like sell to stores. The newer states are all up their ass, it won't last. It's a weed, in 20 years everyone will have it on thier kitchen windowsill.

  3. There not trying to squeeze it. They are trying to kill it! Arkansas government is pissed that it passed so they are trying to kill it anyway they can.

  4. Historically, the gov't of AR has hosed its citizens, with the exception of those in the landed gentry who were in the ol' boys club. And before anyone flames me, check your history and tell me I'm wrong; that is not a put-down of AR, or its people, just an acknowledgment of how the system works. I wish they'd implemented a better system, but I'm not surprised that they didn't…black market in AR will continue to do well under this scheme…

  5. One day, we will all realize that once we take away the stigma of the word DRUG, off of the already stigmatized word MARIJUANA, we are going to recognize that CANNABIS or HEMP, is more than just for "hurting" people. (Play on words) It is to also prevent, conditions that this already tainted world, of legalized human killers, like genetically modified foods, toxic pollution from fossil fuels, tobacco, and the laundry list of other legal yet harmful to human life substances, we are going to prosper as a society. If each state was required by law to disregard the stereotype of the half baked stoner and demand that the state produce hemp, our once beautiful country of America could bounce back and we could see the deficit decline in a mere matter of a decade. This is one pipe dream that non smoking residents need to consider. Look into the production of hemp alone and demand that your state become a top notch producer of hemp products. There are enough fact data sheets out there for you to read FOR YOURSELVES. If you define the word INHUMANE you will see that what is being done by denying society the right to prosper is in fact INHUMANE, and to deny human life the right to prosper under horrible conditions, leaves you standing as a traitor to the human race.

  6. I live in arkansas and I'm trying to get my medical card. From what I understand is that there will be no dispensaries anytime soon where you can go and get your prescription. Only option would be to drive to Colorado (and i'm not sure if thats even possible with out of state cards) These people know what they are doing and testing the waters in order to make a money funnel to line their pockets.

  7. It's a monopoly. You have a hand full of growers licensed to supply all the stores in the state. Texas had a state attorney licensed to grow CBD. I don't know how much they make, but government officials are growing. They make the laws, and do the grows to monopolies. Then med patients can only grow 6 plants no greater than 12 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter. So you spend 3 months growing a half ounce per plant. Spend more money on lighting. Cheaper to buy weed in Arkansas than it will be to grow indoors.

  8. So Sad, I love Arkansas, it is my home. I left it though, many moons ago and moved out west. There's a small group of us that would love to come back home where the Razorback Roam. Here's the deal, IMO. Back in the mid 90s some of the best Sativa strains I have ever consumed to date came out of the hills of the Ouachita mountains west of Hot Springs, Arkansas and back then they hardly amended the soil.

  9. How much money is our governor putting in his pocket from phara co. To block this. It is he is lining his pockets lets get real. Our governor has just decided he is king and he will do what he wants. No matter what we voted he will decide what best for you.

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