Applying Hemp Oil Finish & Wet Sanding Technique

The last installment of the “little black dresser” makeover is here and it’s the step that brings it all together as well as the big reveal. In this video, I show how to …


  1. I happened to stumpled upon your video and I can't tell you how happy this made me. I'm struggling with topcoats for my black coffee table and I need to move on. I just repainted the top again and scuffed sanded the brush marks. Can I now apply the hemp oil or do I need to put one last light coat of chalk paint on the table? Obviously i see the scuff marks and it makes me nervous to apply the oil not knowing if you'll still see them. Don't want to waste anymore time with this. Thank you

  2. I am going to do my first "quarantine" milk paint project. My question is, I like the crackle effect but what happens to that when using hemp oil? Will the paint chip off? Thank you, the piece is stunning.

  3. Hello, I applied the hemp oil like you suggested on my black chalk painted piece, and although the top is very smooth after the wet sanding, I can see a lot of streaking, which I was trying to avoid. This occurred after I wiped away the excess oil. Will this disappear after it’s cured? Or should I add another coat of hemp oil? Black paint has been so difficult! 😕

  4. I'm new to Miss Mustard Seed paints. . . the best on the market. I will never go back to 2 others that I have been using…I'm also in love with Hemp oil…my new best friend…amazing how many things you can find in your home to apply Hemp oil to…results are great. Love all your videos…Thanks

  5. Marian just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Please do more furniture painting videos. Your the QUEEN of milk paint painting and would love to see more furniture painted and where else the product can be applied. Thanks for sharing and love your product.

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