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Scott Von Heldt explains how taking CBD helps his family with everything from anxiety, ADHD and regulating blood sugar. What’s your CBD story? Subscribe to …


  1. ADHD is a complex neurological disorder that can present in many different ways and vary from person to person. One important thing to know is there is there no longer ADD and ADHD in regard to diagnosis, there is now only ADHD. This is important because we know ADHD can commonly present in two ways: Inattentive (previously ADD) and hyperactive (ADHD) so while cannabis may be great for someone who presents as hyperactive it may not work as well for someone who presents as inattentive. The only way we can truly know what treatment method will work best is for us to try them and pay attention to how we preform and not just how we *feel*.

    Stimulant medications are obviously not ideal and do come with side effects but, as with all medical treatment issues, we must decide of the ends justify the means. ADHD is a spectrum and so some people may be able to manage their symptoms in natural ways like with exercise or meditation while others may need a more powerful medical intervention like stimulant medication. Given the risks of living with untreated ADHD (dramatically increased risk of substance abuse and obesity among other issues) sometimes stimulant medications are the "lesser of two evils." which when managed properly can allow people to live relatively normal, successful lives.

    Please do not allow anyone to shame you for treating your disorder weather you do so by using cannabis or CBD or by using stimulant medications. The only people whose opinions should matter to you are yours, a doctor that you trust, and your close family/friends.

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