Amazon prohibits CBD sales. We bought some on the site anyway.

To test Amazon’s ability to police its marketplace, The Washington Post bought 13 products to see if they included CBD. Eleven did. Read more: …


  1. You can buy CBD just about anywhere in the US. I’m in Utah, holier than thou territory and you can get it at most of the gas stations, shady but you can get it. Our health food store has an entire wall dedicated to CBD products. Not sure why people rely so heavily on Amazon to mistreats their workers and has a ridiculous job turnover…sad when a online company controls their customers like puppets.

  2. Great video, definitely gotta watch out for amazon cbd cause they don't acutally allow it. I firgured that out and started using an oil from eden's herbals and so glad I did!

  3. Washington post and peeps EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I dare you to test a product called Natures Nutrients CBD!! I used 9 brands before discovering Natures Nutrients. What you WILL find is a completely UNADULTERATED product!!!!!!! 100% extra virgin!!!!!! They use NO chemicals in the extraction process!!! (When chemicals are used, they CANNOT get all of the chemicals out!!!! They can get the chemicals down to under 1%! Those chemicals being alcohol, ethanol, propane and or butane!!) They dont add carrier oils!! And its unfiltered! And dig this…$60 for the standard 2oz bottle & that includes shipping!!! 1200 mgs CBD! You cant beat Natures Nutrients on any level!!! Ive done the homework because I have 2 adult children with severe challenges and I dont want to give them 2nd best!! F.Y.I. You can google them or 410-820-7700. Get back to me on your little "TEST" Washington Post!?

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  5. True. My business is Heritage River Hemp. CBD/CBG and all lab tested products. Amazon let us go through the entire process, providing all evidence that we are legal and legit. After having every one of our products independently lab tested once again, they denied us.

  6. They are jealous that Trump legalized Hemp and the do nothing democrats never did. Facebook is a jerk about it too, and craigslist. Liberals "save the earth, grow Hemp, unless Trump did it first."

  7. People over here freaking out that Amazon is trying to prevent CBD purchase because of big pharma lol like what? You know not all CBD is legal to be purchased in every state and some require you to have a medical card to purchase it at all and on top of that some states tax the sell of CBD differently… maybe they find it too risky to sell and be compliant as a company with differing state requirements

  8. Any reason given WHY Amazon refuses to sell something that has proven health benefits and no hallucinogenic properties? Big Pharma’s influence?

    What is the socially redeeming benefit of this suppression of a healing substance?

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