Alternative Therapy #1: CBD Oil For Depersonalisation…?

Cannabidiol: cannabis oil without the psychoactive THC. A lot has been said about the potential health benefits of it – and a lot has been said about the potential …


  1. I've been taking CBD oil for just over a week now, I love the taste xD
    It takes a while for the endocannabinoid system to wake up and for you to get the benefits I understand, so you should really take it for longer than a month buddy (:

    I'm glad to see you finally got seen to at Maudsley. You were actually the person who helped me out with advice regarding getting help there. I'm like number #30 or something on the waiting list at the moment.

    How did you get on? Has all the therapy finished now? Would be great to hear how it went.

    And of course, I'm loving the guitars! The Dark red LP looks awesome, is that a Gibson?

  2. Hey, i actually found a form of cbd that now does help me significantly! Its the third cbd oil i tried and the first that helps at all. Theres massive differences in quality and concentration. For this one 5 drops equal about 31mg of cbd

  3. I'm trying CBD oil today for chronic pain, and I also have DPDR (diagnosed last October). So far it helps with the joint pain, but I do feel more disconnected from the things around me. But I don't really feel bothered by it? Like, I'm not panicking about my dreamlike state or anything like that, whereas usually it's something that I'm at least a little freaked out by most of the time. I'm definitely going to give those articles a read. Also I bought mine from a coffee shop and the guy said it's good to put it in a drink, to help with taste.

    I posted a video on my channel recently (latest upload) about the different causes of DPD and questions regarding why it's diagnosed differently here than it is potentially in other places (I'm American). I feel like there's so much more we need to learn about this disorder.

    Thank you for this video and for raising awareness!

  4. interesting, good luck that it helps you. Sorry, but I had to laugh when you were laughing about this unexpected terrible taste. 😉 And cool, I saw just minutes ago, you wrote the first question at mentour today, nice. And always take your time with this channel, if you don't release a video for more than one month, that's absolutely no problem, youtube should always stay a nice thing for the youtuber and not something, that causes pressure that one should "deliver" something. Cheers

  5. Nice to see you back! Ive tried cbd several times at high dosages and quality, but for some reason i didnt notice anything at all. The same with when i smoked weed several years back so dunno, perhaps im missing some receptors or smth^^ but i know many people with dpdr who benefit greatly from it. I hope it will help you a bit!

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