1. Everyone in the comments forgot to read the bill. This is not a good thing. Read it. It's frightening. This is not the medical marijuana bill you were hoping for.

  2. I live in Alabama and from what I figure, if it gets passed they'll try to put a limit on how much thc it can have or make you can only get it prescribed in liquid form, not smokable and I highly doubt Alabama will ever legalize recreationally. It would cut into the money they're getting for having innocent people locked in jails and prisons over a plant that is safer than any prescription pills. Alabama is just dumb to see how much tax money it could bring in

  3. 0:44 if we want to keep weed illegal because it hinders your ability to function why is alcohol fully legal and you can buy as much as you want if were going to keep weed illegal we should make everything that hinders your ability to function illegal

  4. you know why the police oppose because they cant continue 2 take people in and make quotas from their arrest! 4GET MEDICINAL MAKE IT RECREATIONAL!

  5. Wow this crap is unbelievable it really is! Step up Alabama and do whats right! , Also this is what your constituents want you to do. Their are so many many people that would benefit from this medicine. Yet we continue to act as though everbody just wants to get high and sit on the couch. I dont know where this concept came from but its given cannabis a terrible outlook and it has to stop! Stop the lies and propaganda, these people are all hypocrites their going to go home and drink their beer or dry martini or glass of whiskey. Which you can purchase in drive thru's in this country! Alcohol is a far worse drug than cannabis could ever be. People die everyday because of alcohol. Beat there spouse or their kids fly across the road in a vehicle and take out a whole family but thats just fine. We are going to condemn this terrible plant and its users because we dont agree that its a medicinal plant weve known this since the 70"s but refuse to believe the evidence for some reason..Alabama stand up and take cannabis back! We are setting federal legalization up one state at a time!

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