A Stunning Small Home Made From Hemp

Hemp is a building material like no other. It has incredible thermal properties, is environmentally friendly, rat and insect proof, fire and earthquake resistant and is …


  1. Wow I didn't know. I have a bra that is a mixture of hemp and buckwheat. It's my favorite bra. It breathable. Any way this home is just pretty and very honey. It's belongs in that property. It fits so perfectly. Now only if hemp becomes a major building material around the world you know like the states. Every thing gets band here dir some reason it another. Hemp lotion smells so good. It's about the only hemp thing that is legal here that I know of. I also live how the home breaths and grounds polutans and keeps moisture out insulates very well and easy to build.

  2. I also believe that hemp will be seen more and more in the future. (And probably a great thing to invest in! Lol) This home was beautiful. It’s nice to see a family that is content with a home that is smaller than they had intended to end up with. Another great video! (PS I watched this two years ago and apparently made a comment then, as well. Lol)

  3. Beautiful home… gorgeous bathroom plastered wall and Yes, so important to live with the land, water, air currents as long and much as possible before building a home, dam, pond, lots of things…. also good way to see what properties and materials are already present in the place already… also, looking at where to leave as much all animal habitat and natural water movement/damming as possible is good…

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