A Dog with Heart Failure and Seizures – Is There a Link? – Dog Health Vet Advice

When a dog has more than one set of symptoms it’s easy to try and explain everything with a single disease. Unfortunately, biology can be a bit more …


  1. What about flea medications like Comfortis? It's written on the label that a side effect of this can cause seizures. Also what about the drug furosemide (water pill) which is given to dogs with heart failure. I understand that this drug can lower the potassium levels in dogs with heart failure, thus upsetting their electrolyte balance, and bringing on seizures.

  2. Flea treatment causes seizures in my dog. Vets said it wasn't the treatment as they didn't come on for few days afterwards but I noticed a pattern and he now isn't flea treated and has far less seizures that he used to. Has gone from once a month to 6monthly/yearly

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