5 Ways CBD Helped To Rebalance My Overanxious Brain

Many individuals have used CBD oil for anxiety. Due to the many mechanisms of action, CBD appears to have therapeutic applications for mental health …


  1. Here are the 5 ways CBD may help a person to become less anxious (which are covered in detail in the video:

    1) 5HT-1 Agonist
    2) Hippocampal Neurogenesis
    3) Enhances Endocannabinoid System
    4) Reduces Glutamate Toxicity
    5) Reduces Neuroinflammation

    To learn more and find out what CBD products Chris Scott, founder of Fit Recovery, uses, check out his article on how to use CBD for alcohol withdrawal: https://fitrecovery.com/cbd-for-alcohol-withdrawal/

  2. I realized that I had been gaining weight after using it frequently after stopping drinking. It is an appetite stimulate. They use it to stimulate appetite in patients on chemotherapy. I had no idea. I get the "munchies" without the psychological effects. I have had to quit taking it after noticing I felt hungry ALL of the time and have gained 12 pounds. Bummer for me.

  3. Detox heavy metals and toxins out of your brain and depression and anxiety will disappear. Alcohol decreases thiamine which helps protect the blood brain barrier. Just something to think about .

  4. I'm on CBD oil too, I literally just came back from a cyst removal surgery (minor, on my chest) and I took a large dose of CBD oil before I went and one St. Johns Wort (just for the anxiety). No psychoactive effects at all, you're right. It's a huge game changer for me.

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