TeamAng I had 2 really bad seizures on October 23rd. One in the day time and one later at night. I have been eating super healthy so I don’t think it’s my diet that …


  1. I’m not sure if you take medication or anything like that but I used to struggle with seizures myself and I was given carbamazepine I’m not a doctor but maybe ask your doctor and see if they could give it to you to help I wish you all the best on your journey and I hope this might help you

  2. i have siezures and i never knew what they looked like to other people. my friends told me that my seizure looked very similar to this i just had mouth foaming. i’m having an EEG on friday to hopefully get some answers. prayers to this sweet girl i know how draining and painful they are after you come to it.

  3. This girl is so incredibly brave. I remember one time when I was about 6 I saw a girl have a seizure and the mom was pretty calm. I didn’t understand how she could be so calm but then I learned that that’s the best thing to do while helping one with a seizure. 👏

  4. Your mother is an angel she needs a help herself hun, I'm a epileptic myself and know the signs, oh god I help you and your family , I've been suffering with epilepsy 32yrs now it started when I was 22yrs old and now I'm 54yrs old now (8/22/2021) my attacks can be mild or very strong, it feels like I've done 4 marathons in one go and feel so tired, be strong hun there people out here knows what it's like, like myself, Be strong hun take care, Peter x

  5. Omg.
    You poor thing….you are a very courageous and loving girl.
    So much pain and heart ache
    Mum you are so strong.
    Not to just be there for her every day… but to have to watch her go thru this and be as strong for yourself with out breaking…
    God bless you both…xoxo
    Our hearts are with your whole family and friends thats there for her.

  6. Wow your mum is amazing. To watch her daughter go through such a strong one like this. I suffer with migraines really bad I can't spend days in bed then days after feel so tired. I cant imagine how you must feel after your body goes through this you must use up so much energy stay strong 💪 hope you find a cure

  7. What an amazing mother, it's so scary to see anyone go though this, my cousin has silent seizures and I am the only one that can help him properly get though them, I had to learn fast at a young age.

  8. Does she have an anti-suffocation pillow? It really helps you breathe when you feel a seizure coming on. I use it for my epilepsy when I feel episodic attacks coming on, and I love mine! You can get them from a British company across the lake called Breathe-zy. I am just letting you know in advance, but if you want to get one, this is the only company you will find them. Amazon did have them at one point which is how I got mine when they did have some sort of partnership at the time (not really sure). However, you won't find these in the U.S. because the product isn't approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration here in the United States. On the other hand though, do not be fooled when you are buying these kinds of products! If you buy one to help prevent you from dying of your epilepsy (AKA SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death of Epilepsy)), and if you have a well-experienced neurologist, then you will definitely have control of your life.

  9. I was diagnosed with epilepsy 4 years ago I’m nearly 33 I watched one one my seizures that my stepdad filmed for the the first time I was drooling and Just not making sense it was not nice to watch I totally feel here pain

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