1st legal Denver marijuana delivery goes to Washington Park

DENVER (KDVR) — It’s a day for Colorado history books and a win for Denver’s booming cannabis industry. For the first time, marijuana was legally delivered on Thursday to a home in Washington Park.

Cannabis delivery was approved by Denver City Council in April. It’s seen as the biggest change in Denver’s marijuana rules since it first became legal.

“It’s also nice for people who do not want to be seen at a dispensary or have time to get to a dispensary,” said Nick Barbagallo, the first person to legal get marijuana delivered to his home. “Or there are just too many options when you are in a dispensary and it’s overwhelming.”

Thursday’s delivery was part of a soft launch for dispensary Strawberry Fields, which plans to officially start its delivery business on Monday.

The dispensary is working with the company Doobba, one of four legal marijuana delivery businesses in Denver.

“We are very excited to be making the last delivery here in Denver city today,” said Ari Cohen, co-owner of Doobba.

“This is so exciting. We are finally here making history getting cannabis delivered to people’s homes safely, and legally,” said Karina, Doobba’s co-owner.

Denver allows for people 21 and older to order marijuana for delivery between 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. Marijuana delivery can cross into other jurisdictions that also allow delivery, such as Aurora.

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