1. We’re back! Toob is discussing CBD breeding Dave from Gold Coast is still on the phone JJ is still in the studio 20:00 losing males 21:55 Chem S-1 phenos? 26:14 James Bean and Mr. Soul sit back down 32:00 Cindy 99 feminized? 43:00 ever seen a pre-flower ½” long? 45:02 fem crosses 4% male and 96% females? 54:40 Mr. Soul says goodbye 59:25 DJ Short calls in 1:03:09 Leo from Aficionado calls in 1:08:36 What’s new from DJ Short? 1:12:30 wrapping the show

  2. Don't use SEEDSHERENOW I bought DNA genetics citrus sap. What a joke all Hermes. These so called growers should know how to stabilize the genetics before releasing them to the public. I have an i-502 in spokane washington. Your waisting time and money if you go with these guys. It's not just the citrus sap. My crew purchased over 6 genetics all but 1 has Hermes.

  3. but really if you knock the leg of the chromosome you have a y chromosome right. like you can't breed out that whole y chromosome without getting rid of most of the x figuratively speaking

  4. ahhhhh haaaa-ah ahhhhhhhhhaaaahhh…..who's the guy in the tank top? He's on to something….just saying mr. soul is a scientist who will not change his perspective until you grow his seeds and show him that males make seeds from male parts and that his fems can possibly seed themself….I'd love to take mr. soul on for the offer….

  5. My favorite phenos are the grape flavors. seems like there are more rare than anything else I don't understand why people are focusing on that a little more kush is over rated

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