Women and CBD "High" Effect | Research at Johns Hopkins Medicine

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine just completed a study that suggests pure CBD does produce subjective drug effects if vaped in large doses, especially …


  1. I would use CBD hempflower on and off. I would use it for a month, get anxiety a couple times and quit for 6+ months. However I noticed it would increase my overall anxiety semi permanently and it takes time for it to go back to normal.

    I would love to try it again because when I smoke it usually feels nice. But it's scary to think it could happen again.

  2. Before consuming anything so your research and look for Lab reports although the reports don’t always show tests for pesticides and heavy metals. Some hemp is high in THCA which is the same for high thc cannabis. The thca when heated is converted to d9thc which along with any other cannabinoids including CBD which will cause an effect very subtle or profound depending on the potency

  3. I took some high quality CBD oil from Charlottes Web and I did take more than twice the recommended dosage and I got incredibly high and paranoid. I didn’t think that could happen. Totally freaked me out lol

  4. I have felt effects from CBD on a couple of rare occasions. I was taking CBD oil. I had taken the same dose several times without feeling anything. Then one time I took it and about an hour or so later felt warm. I was just getting ready to go to sleep but when I laid down my heart started beating fast and I just didn't feel right so I got up. I then started having a little panic attack. I could not get comfortable. If I sat down I wanted to stand up. I needed to walk around. I splashed water on my face. Finally I took 3 mg of xanax which I only take on occasion for insomnia. Usually at 1 mg or 1/2 mg before bed. I took 3 mg because I wanted the experience to stop. And after 30 minutes the Xanax started kicking in and within an hour I was fine and quite sleepy. I got a similar experience once before. I got real flush and my heart started racing, but then it passed and I felt pretty good. I don't know why I get this reaction every once in a while.

  5. I took a CBD edible gummy yesterday it had very low THC around ( less than 1%) and around around 10 mgs of CBD. the numbers may be slightly off but basically its the lowest form thc you can find except for 100% CBD but they say that the thc helps it all work better so I took that kind ( even though I really did not at all want a high ) When I was younger I smoked a ton of weed and took other drugs and about ten years ago I quit weed because the high wasnt pleasurable anymore, Almost afraid to try weed or cbd after so long I finally decided to try the high CBD edible gummy and I will give u my story as hopefully it will help someone that was in my boat looking for information, At first I felt kind of a rush of excitement, I felt something almost straight away ( although some of this may be placebo effect ) I certainly " felt something " I saw another reviewer made the statement "it felt like one glass of wine " and I think in a way thats a great explanation of what I felt, part of me was still kinda worried that some " trip " would eventually kick in, for the first hour I lifted weights to keep my mind active so I didnt send myself into a panic attack, after about an hour of lifting weights I felt comfortable to sit and watch some TV, I must say I did feel a very slight buzz and my thoughts were affected slightly, like when I went to grab the paper in the morning ( I took it around 2am ) the colors outside looked very grey it was a dark/cloudy morning and the colors almost seemed off almost like it was a black and white film, and things just felt off, not in a scary way, at no point was I super scared but you will feel some mental affects, like sounds sound louder, like the wind outside and so on, I didnt sleep well the first night after taking it which was surprising, it was almost because my mind was still a little bit active and thinking different than usual, now it has been about 48 hours later and I did get a decent sleep yesterday, I feel almost back to normal 100%, I think CBD can certainly help some people, I think I would tell almost everyone to try it but please be careful and start with some that has very little thc ( less than or 1% ) if anyone has any questions feel free to ask I will respond, thanks.

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