Why CBD Full Spectrum SPRAY works for chronic, acute pain & anxiety relief (non-narcotic)

The #1 product that people always ask me to review is CBD Full Spectrum pain relief spray with magnesium. So I did! Watch now and see what happened!


  1. I tried the cbc oil that you put under your tongue. I think this is a lot better for people that suffer from anxiety and headaches. My mum suffers from full body aches so I'm getting her cbd 700mg because her pain is severe!

  2. Thank you for this review, Matt. I just need to say 2 things… $90 for a small bottle of CBD Oil??? Pretty expensive based on what I've seen on the market.

    Second… The female "hand model" with the flaking nail polish… Really flaking on her second hand… With only one HALF painted nail… EEEEKKKK!!!! That makes me want to 🤮🤮🤮!!!

    Sorry for my honest opinion. I normally really enjoy your reviews, but this one was not up to your normal standards. Hopefully this doesn't offend you.

  3. Please find this where there is a return policy. I don't have $90 to spend if it does not work. Just cause it works for one doesn't mean it will work for me but could really use something for pain

  4. I've heard of many people who are helped by cbd oils – pills & topical. Unfortunately, it isn't a solution for most of my pain issues. I think this will work wonders for muscle cramps & spasms, but isn't going to touch neuropathy, radiculopathy, or any type of nerve pain.

  5. I am a 49 year-old woman and I suffer with DDD, Peripheral Neuropathy on my left side from my head to my toes, and MS. I am hoping it will ease my pain so I don't have to take Oxycodone and let me live a good life with my husband, four children and three grandchildren.

  6. My husband has Myatonic dystrophy and I think this could help his chronic pain. He does take CBD oil internally. But there is no cure and this painful disease will only progress but maybe this can help him a little

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