Why Are People Who Take CBD Testing Positive For THC? | Opinions | NowThis

Some CBD users are testing positive for THC and losing their jobs because of it. It’s time for regulation. » Subscribe to NowThis: …


  1. I was taking gummy CBD’s and tested myself and it was positive after 2 gummies. So now I know to be careful for work. Was surprised, but at least with information you can make some decisions on how and when to stop it in time for a test.

  2. Getting fired was a hidden blessing for them and I hope they realize it one day, and I hope they are blessed in the future with a much better job. Their health comes first. If a company can't understand the difference between CBD and THC, and can't realize it helped the employee they just fired have not only a better quality of life but better production at work, then they just lost a great employee.

  3. cbd converts to thc through oxidization….when it heats up CBD converts to THC. acid heats things up….and acid is what is in your stomach. the CBD converts to THC in the stomach and enters the bloodstream. the same for opiates. all compounds of opium will convert to morphine in the body. . (opiates and opioids are different. opiates are natural, opioids are created in a lab. both do the same thing. kill pain and create euphoria.)

  4. This happened to me. I had been there for a year at my company. A HARLEY shop at that and I would get migraines so I started buying cbd flowers from a smoke shop in Tx where I live and I got fired for a drug test because they smelt weed in me after I smoked one time

  5. If cbd there was pratically 99% or 98% of people with cbd used…it helped in their diseases.. and how bad part of it at the same time the exams on airplane point negative call their as drugged people and lost their custody of children jobs … Now my question : Tell me humanity how you pretending going to do with this to yourself?

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