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CBD, or cannabidiol, is said to help alleviate pain and certain disorders. It has exploded in popularity since President Trump legalized the cultivation of hemp, …


  1. I trust the FDA about as much as I trust anything the CDC says. FDA approves foods for EVERYONE that would actually harm people in my family. When the FDA doesnt dip its hands into something ive found out its usually a good thing. Were all different and we dont need some cookie cutter ONE SIZE FITS ALL regulations from anyone on how to treat our bodies. Its hard to trust Doctors too.

  2. Am so happy, I was able to get rid of herpes virus that have cause me so much  pains and discomfort using Dr. Gbenga herbal mixture, for 2 years now no sign of shingles disease.

  3. Let me help you with a few facts of mine.
    1. Extreme sciatic back pain
    2. Last 3 months x4 50mg Tramadol
    3. Hate Tramadol so wanted to try this
    4. Did my research and reports re pain relief looked really good
    5. Result $230 down the drain.
    6. CBD oil for pain is useless I can only imagine it’s the biggest under trial Place in modern history fawned over by alt medicine quacks and nose pickers.
    7. All those people I saw raving about it can only I assume have been actors.
    8. This was non THC oil BTW as in NZ because of their Marxist government I cannot get THC oil over the counter or prescribed.
    9. I am having my nerve block injection in a few days thank the lord
    10. My Advice – If you suffer from chronic pain don’t waste your money on this snake oil however if you can get it with the THC then I know that will offer relief, trouble is you will be stoned. (Not a problem for some)

  4. I just took ljke 10mg and my head feels like it can actually sleep now whereas the last two hours its been beating like a war drum keeping me up but ya im all for increasing whats thougnt to be regular dose. I can tell its the sort of thing i can take 1000's of mg of and only continue to see progress

  5. “There’s not enough research”
    “The FDA don’t know enough about it”
    The reason there is “not enough research” is because big pharma cant make any money from it.

  6. Le CBD a été extrait de la plante de cannabis pour la première fois entre 1930 et 1940. Cependant, ce ne fut qu’à partir des années 60 que le professeur Raphaël Mechoulam a réussi à décrire sa structure et sa composition.

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