What Is Delta 8 THC?

What is Delta 8 THC? Cannabinoids like CBD have only been increasing in their popularity and use across the country – and the world. Like CBD, there are …


  1. This guy didn’t explain what delta 8 the is…. he just said it’s basically the same and you use in the same way but no explanation of how chemically it is different from delta 9 thc. Delta is heat in chemistry and the power or number tells what kind of heat source is used. This is what makes the chemical change from thca to delta9. Example your liver processes thc into a delta 11 an organic heat change inside of our body’s. Or delta9 and external heat source. This video makes me feel like there are people trying to duck laws when half the country is legal to begin with. Like to see what some of you reply with. Good discussion material cuz I wanna understand this more

  2. Yeah the music is a bit loud. But I could still hear you. I came to this video hoping I would learn what delta eight is good for. I was experiencing a sudden anxiety attack and was wondering about things that might help me

  3. I had a sample of a gummy at a flea market and I got higher than a kite. I'm 52 and I haven't been stoned since 2005. I just wanted to sleep at night, not get stoned. Be careful older folks.

  4. Yo can someone tell me how long does the high of vaping thc lasts for?
    cus i've got some e-liquid that's see though .After you get a hit , it
    gets you high like in 10/15s and lasts about 20/30mins. 😀 anyone knows
    something like that? 😀 someone sold me and said it was from cannabis
    extract , 😀 . It's called "Nerds Vapes" 600mg. and nothing else :/
    strange… Someone said that this sounds like a d8 and pesticides 🤷‍♂️

  5. I did to the gummy bears with Delta eight 500mg total I don't do any substance at all I did it to relax me made my heart beat hard for 10 hours extreme paranoia never do it again

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