1. I figured the second I read the title that he was only talking about this shit cause he is selling it, surprise, surprise, it's the greatest. Just like the coffee he has, the greatest. It's funny, everyone and their mother sells coffee now, all the greatest… picked by the same migrants on the same farm.

  2. I wouldn’t even talk about it if your not a dr. Which you are not! Some sort of respected strength coach. Try sticking to that coach! Quit looking to your left and reading someone’s research!

  3. CBD like Marijuana is banned in competition by WADA. WADA no longer looks at Marijuana as a recreational drug but as a PED. And the data on CBD is limited and seems to conclude not much of a benefit.

  4. CBD oil can get you popped on a drug test. I got fired for taking it, and popped positive for THC, it was from Natural Hemp Oil co. I drive trucks, or I used to. CBD oil helped my inflammation but it takes a heavy dose to work, and it has fucked my driving carreer, and i've never smoked weed.

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