Virginia first state in South to legalize recreational marijuana

James Avery, a visiting professor at the University of Virginia Medical School, warns of negative effects from the drug. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!


  1. I dont know one person that drives and smokes.. this guy is full himself on most isssues..thc with a baby well how about nictoine in babies blood.. bottom line be dont use disadvantage as stereotype.. if have friends that have collage degrees that inhale..

  2. It’ll lead to more car crashes? Did alcohol lead to more car crashes and issues??? Yes, yes it did. Sooooo the point is leave it up to adults and adults freedom to make choices. We don’t outlaw skiing, skydiving, beer, cigarettes, guns, prozac, extreme sports cars, motorcycles, no helmets, NFL tackles, boxing, et al. So you sir, are the problem. Stay out of my home. Btw, I’m conservative.

  3. They just dont want people that wouldn't normally use it to realize that it is better than all those chemicals that the Dr. James Avery's of the U.S. will prescribe us. They want to protect the big pharmaceutical monopolies.

  4. Just like Fox News to have on some goof that is spouting a bunch of lies… he says the science says Marijuana is more problematic than initially thought. Blatant lie. It's actually the opposite. You notice he didn't actually cite any specific scientific studies. This is the type of person that has kept marijuana on Schedule 1 and millions in jail for the last 80 years.

  5. I drive high every day bro you forgot that most of us are seasoned smokers… Some of us need it to function day to day. i have a anxiety disorder. Without it can't function.

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