Vaping CBD for Beginners: Benefits, Tips and Safety

Vaping CBD for beginners: CBD and vaping can be complicated and many users wonder if vaping is right for them, especially when compared to oil, pills or …


  1. Propylene Glycol evaporates about 390 F and it turns into formaldehyde at 460 F. So I guess be careful with high voltage settings. Use under 3.0 volts and don't chief it and smoke when it's hot.

  2. CBDFX company has propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine in it. I’ve seen on several review blogs and a few YouTube videos that this is a good brand because it doesn’t have the bad stuff in it but on the website it clearly states it under the ingredients tab. Very disappointing.

  3. Trying to sub tobacco for cbd but I don't smoke weed because I hate it. I thought cbd was more like a chill feeling and not a high one? I though that was what thc does? Someone educate me lol

  4. Propylene glycol is in all vaping juices, yea it is toxic in high temperatures, but you will never be able to actually inhale at that temperature, you will cough the living shit out of your life and it will hurt really bad, no man can vape that toxic, you vape it at low enough temp to not make it toxic.

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