Tickle Experiments With CBD Infused Peach Brandy! | Moonshiners

To diversify the type of moonshine he produces, Tickle enlists the help of Henry and Lenny to develop an easy way of infusing his popular Peach Brandy with …


  1. Couldve just bought CBD isolate by the kilo for $3-4k for 99% and infused it directly. instead they trying to do a CBD rso which is likely to be under 70% tcc filled with chlorophyll, plant fats, and all the dust and dirt from the field it was grown in.

  2. If they let it sit longer (the hemp and liquor) for a week or so, the extract will be best. You get full spectrum CBD oil if you cook down the green liquor and keep the left over .f you distill it, the flavor will only transfer to the worm and CBD will stay in the base of the still. If you turn it to oil, then mix in the proofing barrel later in small quantities, you have the ability to get both full spectrum cbd in the liquor , and you'll be able to taste it to see what is good or overpowering. If you distill it, you'll lose the cbd compounds and only retain some hemp flavor. Be sure to only soak the buds and not stems to eliminate more wood alcohol in the final product if distilling. I would certainly make the liquor first, then add the oils to it in quantities of your liking.

  3. That ain't cbd hahaha that's straight THC lol hahaha good idea though. Gotta heat it up and dump it out onto paraffin paper then it will be easier to mess with haha the more times you boil it the cleaner it looks. Just a little tip haha. You can get it damn near clear

  4. 1:50 this is the step where they screwed up. Look at all that green chlorophyll. Ideally you mix the ethanol together with dry ice pellets before adding the hemp. This super freezes the trichome heads without letting the green chlorophyll leach out leaving a light golden result after filtration.

  5. I know cannabis like they know moonshine. They should have just made tincture. Alcohol already strips cannabanoids cbd and cbda. Shouldnt have heated it. If they did not pass 190degrees F. Ks

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