The Saga Continues – SHN Breeders Rebuttal

Breeders Rebuttal to Phylos Propaganda brought to you by James Bean – Matthew Riot – Riot Seeds John …


  1. Thanks everyone for naively thinking we’re better off now…more access to trash is as good as more access to nothing at all

  2. Some of you seriously sound like Dale Gribble

    so conspiracy theories invalidate the use of a tool?
    Seems to me like alot of growers are upset because they cannot pedal BS stories about their own genetics/origins.

    lotta people finding out their shit is bunk/copycat. lotta butthurt. Verification isnt bad.
    shining the light of day on your cannabis origins is as innocuous as getting a damn 23andme

    Also… tissue cultures from dead material? thats absolutely impossible.

  3. your typical bait and switch back door into an industry that they thought they could fool…. In all likelihood they had intentions on building a breeding program from the data collected since day one I will never support Phylos or partners/subsidiaries

  4. 53:54 – The thing is, that in 5-10 years there are going to be a lot more people growing. Hell, in my current state, the legalization bill that is about to pass allows 5 plants. I think that in 20 years sadly you are going to see three camps, garbage weed that most people will take, some craft/boutique shops and then a thriving hobby market. Its going to be similar to Alcohol. These people selling seeds are going to need to compete for the hobbyist. Its not right, but most people do not care about the genetics behind the plant. I am mainly a medical user but I also have 20 years of experience to know what I like. I am far from the average consumer. I personally have never had a "budtender" really help me purchase a product. Think of how accepted cannabis is going to be a decade after federal legalization. Its not far away. Yes, there are going to be some things that we love that we will lose, but fuck man, we all dreamed about it being legal. Its not going to be perfect right away. As for Phylos, fuck them for shady business practices. Straight up.

  5. All these fuckers love cookies.. did a cent of the cookies millions make it back to the farmers who looked after it for generations in the field?

  6. Damn, probibly the worst convo to follow…. Great info thanks guys, but adam needs some guidance on how to speak in a public space….. God damn, rambling…. Annunciation is important…

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